Government pay will help

Government pay will help

The government should contribute a percentage of the salaries paid to emiratis working in the private sector to boost emiratisation, according to an expert.

Without government intervention, nationals would be squeezed out of the workplace, warned Dr Jasim Al Ali, Director of Human Resources at Dubai's Department of Economic Development.

"The government needs to actively collaborate with the private sector to devise ways to employ and retain UAE nationals in order to rectify the current imbalance in a sector that employs just one per cent emiratis," he said during a lecture at the University of Wollongong in Dubai.

He added that a quota system was not an effective way to tackle the issue as it could backfire in terms of companies moving to other countries. He said the private sector needed to contribute to the UAE community and play a bigger part in the economy.

"Stronger government intervention is the need of the hour. The government, universities and private sector companies need to sit down together and work out mutually acceptable solutions.

"I support a proposal that requires the government to contribute a share of an emirati's salary to ease burden on companies."


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