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Tourism in Abu Dhabi rises 20%

An unprecedented 20 per cent increase so far this year in the size of the travel market has been recorded in Abu Dhabi, said an expert.

And at this rate the increase be 40 per cent by the end of this year in terms of the number of passengers and flights compared to the same period last year, said Khalifa bin Omeir, CEO of the Omeir Travel Agency.

He said the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority's efforts to attract large numbers of businessmen and tourists to the emirate were among the main reasons for the rise.

"The campaigns organised to promote Abu Dhabi were a big success," he added.

Bin Omeir said his company's operations grew by 30 per cent last year.

Mohamad El Sawi, General Manager of the agency, said prices of air tickets in Abu Dhabi were in line with the law of supply and demand despite recent hikes.

He added: "The big problem is the continual increase in the price of fuel and taxes imposed on tickets. Sometimes the value of the taxes is more than the ticket's price." the number 40% Increase in the number of passengers and flights is expected by the end of the year