Aamir joins the 'item number' bandwagon

These were the questions haunting everyone’s mind as soon as the news of Aamir Khan biting the bullet came out in the media with the star jumping in the league of others – doing an item number. Nobody though knew what it would be like, till the time Mr Perfectionist released the first look of the song he will be dancing on.

Aamir Khan has always played safe with his image in the industry. But perhaps giving in to the increasing demand of item numbers these days, Aamir too has joined the bandwagon. He has decided to do an item song for his upcoming adult comedy ‘Delhi Belly.’ Aamir will groove to the track 'Tere Pyaar Ne Kar Diya Deewana'. “I want to be the best Item Boy in Bollywood. Earlier I was not much sure about item numbers but while doing this song I really enjoyed a lot. This is the first time in my career that I have experimented with a song and this one is a full on item song. I liked it so much that I would love to do some more in future,” says Aamir.

Such is Aamir's wish that he wants to get a National Award for his item song and be titled as the Best Item Boy. Speaking about the track he says, “The item number is a tribute to Mithunda, Rishi Kapoor and all the great stars of the yesteryear. I am a huge fan of Mithunda, he is one of the best dancers of that era. Bosco has choreographed the song and Ram Sampat has composed the music. The video is very colourful and displays Mithunda’s era. I hope he likes it too.”

Mr Perfectionist states that he has done the song in order to connect more with the audience. “I did this song because there has been a long gap since my last big movie '3 Idiots' released. Also, there is still some time for my upcoming films. So I thought it would be a good idea to get connected to the audiences through this item number. I also tried to search for a girl to do this song but no one was available, so I took the advice of the media of doing the item number myself,” says Aamir with a smile.

Having experimented throughout his career, Aamir Khan has set his own standards. Describing the experience of doing the item number he says, "Kiran was the first person to suggest that I do an item song. It did not take much time; I guess it was finished in about two-three days. I had to be very careful of my moustache so it was a bit difficult for me. But I have been adventurous throughout my career. I do what my heart says, and ignore the risk factor completely. Take my movies, for instance 'Lagaan', 'Taare Zameen Par', 'Rang De Basanti', 'Peepli Live' or the present production, 'Delhi Belly'. All these films have been experimental and have been very risky at their own level. But I follow my heart openly."

Recently, many item numbers were made with huge budgets but have gone unnoticed by the audience and Aamir is of the opinion that the demand for actresses doing item songs is decreasing. “Item numbers done by girls are not doing well. I think their time is over and now it’s the guys’ turn like how Ranbir has done an item number (for ‘Chillar Party’)," says Aamir.

Ironically, Amitabh Bachchan had just recently expressed his disappointment over the type of language used in today’s songs and movies, possibly hinting at ‘Delhi Belly’ which was gathering only controversies, thanks to its songs with bold lyrics and explicit dialogues. But being close to Big B, Aamir states that he would not repeat any of his previous mistakes. “The song is specially shot for Amitji. It is just to rectify the mistakes that I have done earlier and will not do now. I really respect him from the bottom of my heart. Actually the song is a tribute to the Disco era of the ’80s when Mithunda and Bappida were ruling. They are still ruling our hearts and will continue to do so,” he says.

With the number of ‘Item Boys’ increasing by the day, it will only be more interesting to know who will win this race of reaching the top.

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