After Katrina Kaif, end of Salman Khan’s love life?

Salman says he has lost the art of dating

The most eligible bachelor of Bollywood Salman Khan says he has no love life.

That must be good news for millions of girls who are die hard Salman Khan fan. But is this an indication that the 'Dabangg' Khan is ready for marriage and that too an arranged marriage?

Salman is the face of the History channel and was attending the unveiling of TV 18's Big initiative. He spoke to the press and said that he somehow no longer remembers the art of dating girls now.

It's obvious for people to raise their eyebrows when Salman Khan says he has lost the art of dating. More so when his name has always been associated with beautiful actresses in the film industry. Dating girls and Salman are synonymous.

This 46 year old actor has a long list of girlfriends, starting with Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif and many which are unspoken.

Incidentally, it's been quite a while when Salman actually went out dating with any girl openly or showed his affection like he used to do earlier.

Katrina Kaif was the last lucky lady to have gained Salman's complete attention. But Katrina now tired of non-committal relationship in Bollywood has allegedly decided to go for arranged marriage.  It is rumoured that the actress has asked her mother to look for a suitable groom for her.

So is Salman heartbroken after this decision by Katrina Kaif? Salman, confessed that he, is no longer adept at dating women, might follow Katrina's step and finally opt for an arranged marriage.

It doesn't matter whether Salman Khan says he has no love life but he still rules the heart of millions of fans.

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