Akshay tries to pacify Salman

Photo: Getty Images

Akshay Kumar is trying to mend some broken fences with Salman Khan in the wake of some recent issues that cropped up between the two in the past few weeks.

“For starters, Salman Khan dropped out of the film on the battle of Sarahgarhi – Kesari which he was to co-produce along with Karan Johar. Salman backed out after he realise that his friend Ajay Devgn was making the film on the same subject and he was in the dark about developments on Ajay’s side,” says our source.

But this was not just the only reason for discord between Akshay and Salman. Salman’s former manager Reshma Shetty who separated from Salman professionally, started pitching Akshay for the same projects and TV shows that Salman was doing and that did not go down with Salman. “It was not a fair practice, because the agency knew all about Salman’s work and his price among other things, so Akshay being pitched for the same projects was not welcomed by Salman,” informs our source.

Akshay was in the dark about few of these things and when he got to know about it, he has been trying to patch up with Salman. Pocket Hercules has still not responded to the peace offer.