Amidst Kangana mess, Sussanne talks about life with Hrithik


Sussanne Khan has shot down speculation that she is getting back with her former husband Hrithik Roshan, saying they will never reconcile.

Sussanne, who raises two children with Hrithik, separated from the actor in 2014.

Last week, Sussanne broke her silence on the controversy surrounding her ex-husband Hrithik and Kangana Ranaut.

Sussanne surprised all and extended her support to Hrithik.

She had tweeted saying that she stands by Roshan, and the pictures of Kangana and him that were circulating online, were photoshopped.

Then on Sunday, the couple got together to celebrate the birthday of their son Hridhaan, who turned 8.

Roshan's fans believed this to be a 'sign' of the divorced couple patching up, and Sussanne's timeline was apparently flooded with people hoping for a reconciliation between the estranged couple.

Shattering those optimistic assumptions, Khan has now come out and declared that a 'reconciliation' is not going to happen, but their children remain her priority.

Here's what she has tweeted today: "I request people to stop speculating. There will never be a reconciliation with @iHrithik. But we will always be good parents. #no1priority."

Well, that puts an end to any hopes anyone had of seeing Hrithik-Sussanne back as a couple.