Amitabh gets emotional over Aish’s pregnancy


Finally, the news that has blitzkrieged across the airwaves late last night over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s impending pregnancy has taken the world by storm and silenced her most ardent critics who have made the actress' fluctuating weight over the last few months into a national pasttime.

While well-wishers, 2,843 of them to be exact within the first 30 minutes of the news breaking on micro blogging site Twitter by father-in-law and legend Amitabh Bachchan, are coming out in droves to congratulate the first family of Bollywood, the to-be-grandfather himself stated the news was confirmed to them last evening only.

On his blog, the emotional senior Bachchan wrote in the wee hours: “The doctors just confirmed it this evening and I have shared it immediately with those on Twitter after informing all the family, now spread out in various parts of the world.”

No news of Aishwarya’s, 37, due date has emerged as yet, and the two proud parents have, including the vocal Abhishek Bachchan, 35, have maintained a stoic silence on the pregnancy, allowing the senior Bachchan to share all the details with the world.

However, fans, trade pundits and even gurus are already speculating that it could very well be a Christmas baby.

Sharing bits of news online, Amitabh tweeted that the family would be welcoming the third-generation Bachchan, with “Amitabh and Ajitabh , first generation Bachchan ... then Abhishek and Bhim and now Abhisheks and Aishwarya’s  [sic].”

Amitabh and wife Jaya are already grandparents, with their daughter Shweta giving birth to two children, Navyanaveli and Agstya Nanda. Meanwhile, his brother Ajitabh has four children: Nilima, Namrata, Naina and Bhim, who are all unmarried.

The Bachchan patriarch reminisced on his blog that a grandchild allows grandparents to relive their own childhood, saying: “On many an occasion we reminisce that the time we lost in not being as much as we wanted to with our children, could somehow be compensated.

“Well, this is that moment of compensation. To be a child again, to pamper and give love and company and all things bright and beautiful to the little one that shall take over all our attention in the days to come.”

Bollywood goes into a Twitter
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