Anushka hates loud music and parties

Photo: AFP

As she promotes Jab Harry Met Sejal Anushka Sharma is going back to a culture she has been shunning for years now – the party scene. While the actress may have partied hard in her pre-actress days, she is having a sense of déjà vu while visiting night clubs to promote JHMS.

“I am not a party person. I try and avoid going to parties. People did have a problem when I did not attend a lot of parties, but now they understand. They know that I do not like to be up late and partying,” she says.

That would possibly explain why she is not being seen at Karan Johar’s parties as well, which happen almost every week.

“My idea of a get-together is being at home with close friends and family and having a quiet dinner. When I was younger, I have visited parties but only when my mother permitted me to do so,” she admits.

What Anushka hates at parties most is the music. “I do not like the music to be too loud, but that is obvious at parties that others want loud music. We make our choices based on the lifestyles we want to lead,” she says.