Anushka Sharma gets bullied, abused; Farhan Akhtar escapes


Former Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam, considered the father of the country's missile programme, died on Monday in hospital at the age of 83, a doctor said.

Popularly known as 'Missile Man,' Kalam led the scientific team that developed missiles able to carry India's nuclear warheads.

He became a national folk hero after helping oversee nuclear tests in 1998 that solidified India's status as a nuclear weapons state.

As soon as the news of his demise spread, Indians took to Twitter and Facebook to pay their respects and express grief over the loss of one of India's greatest sons.

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma also tweeted out her respects and expressed her sadness on the Missile Man's death. But she had to do it three times as she got the former president's name wrong, twice.

In her first tweet, she said,"Very sad to hear about the passing of ABJ Kalam Azad. Loss of an inspiring visionary and a wonderful soul. May his soul RIP."

Within two minutes she deleted the post and wrote, "Very sad to hear about passing of APJ Kalam Azad. Loss of an inspiring visionary and wonderful soul. May his soul RIP."

But sad, she missed it this time as well.

Finally she buckled up and corrected tweeting, "Very sad to hear about the passing of APJ Abdul Kalam . Loss of an inspiring visionary and a wonderful soul .May his soul RIP."

Twitterati took this insult to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to an extent of calling Anushka Sharma a 'moron' and Alia Bhatt's sister! Comments flooded in bullying the actor.

The actress got lambasted on twitter instantaneously following the incorrect tweet.

"@AnushkaSharma If you don't even know the name, don't tweet"

"There should be far greater outrage on Anushka Sharma's tweet on #KalamSir than there was on Salman Khan over Yakub."

"In typo, one types Kalaam, or kalm or calam, Any explaination for Azad?"

"You only focus on VIRAT KOHLI. Shame that it took u 3 attempts to write APJ Abdul Kalam's name properly on twitter."

"@AnushkaSharma wrong again. its not RIP, its RIP apart."

"@AnushkaSharma Sad to see you were not even aware of the name... but jumped the gun to say RIP.... Do you know who was he?"

As it turns out, Anushka Sharma has company.

Everyone's favourite, director, actor, writer and singer Farhan Akhtar committed the same gaffe. Apparently, when the news broke Farhan Akhtar tweeted out, "Deeply saddened to hear about the demise of one of the most inspirational Indians of r (sic) time, former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. RIP."

He has since corrected the faux pas.

However, for some reason Akhtar did not face much flak for his goof up and it seems Anushka bore the brunt of a grieving twitteratti.

Farhan seems to have escaped scrutiny and unfairly so, considering how the Anushka tweet created a hullabaloo.

In recent times Bollywood actresses have seen an increased number of Twitter outburst and abuse against them.

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