Arijit Singh begs for forgiveness, apologises to Salman Khan

Arijit begged the 50-year-old actor not to delete a song he recorded for Khan's new film 'Sultan'. (Agencies)

Hell hath no fury as an offended Salman Khan, who else will know this better than Vivek Oberoi. But now Oberoi boy has 'Company' - even singer Arijit Singh believes that nobody should mess with Salman bhai (such is the reputation of Being Human boss).

The repercussion of getting into Salman's bad books is careering threatening. There have been many examples in the past, Vivek stands out above all.

The latest one to have rubbed the 'Sultan' actor the wrong way is Arijit, but the damage control has been underway (and may have fallen to deaf ears).

Late on Tuesday night, Arijit posted an apology letter to the 'Sultan' actor. Singer was not merely apologising, he was literally begging for forgiveness about a feud he didn't explain about.

Take some time to read his letter - the fear that has turned into a nightmare in the singer's life is evident (Salman's terror has no bound).

Arijit also begged the 50-year-old actor not to delete a song he recorded for Khan's new film 'Sultan'.

In his note, he explains he has attempted to apologise to Salman several times via text and in person and at 'Nita ji's' residence - presumably Nita Ambani but this is not clear. It's also not clear how Arijit insulted the actor.

However, after a couple of hours, Singh deleted his post. By than the letter has gone viral and must have reached its intended destination.

Indian daily Indian Express spoke to Arijit about the post and he said, "…he (Salman) is really angry. But I hope things will be okay soon."

There were concerns about whether this was a wise decision on the singer's part.

It seems, the singer then had second thoughts as well, and again posted this: "I hope he gets my letter through someway. Ps. This whole thing will backfire at me I know. Prayers."

Here's a screen shot of the letter before it was deleted: