Ash backlash: Aishwarya Rai poses with scam-tainted minister?

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan inaugurating a jewelry store in Pune alongside tainted Indian minister Suresh Kalmadi (L) in Pune. (TWITTER)

Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was in Pune (Maharashtra, India) last week to inaugurate a jewelry store.

Like a true beauty queen she waved and blew kisses to hundreds of fans who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the actress.
But little did Ash know that these very fans would soon take to the social media and express their anger.

Ash cut the ribbons and posed for the photographers. No sooner did it reach the social networking sites fans showed their disapproval of the actress sharing the same frame with a scam accused minister.

Along with Aishwarya, the Kalayan Jewelers had invited jailed politician Suresh Kalmadi to launch their store.

Kalmadi, who is out on bail after spending 10 months in jail for his alleged involvement in the massive Commonwealth Games scam, was one of the esteemed guests.

Twitter fans clearly didn't approve of Ash and Suresh Kalmadi in the same frame and voiced their displeasure.

From the left M. Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Mrs. Kalmadi, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Mr. TS Kalyanaraman (FACEBOOK)

One tweet read, "Who said Suresh Kalmadi's career's over? He's found an alternative career. Like inaugurating stores with Aishwarya Rai".
There were posts took jibes at Kalmadi on how he was basking on Ash's fame. Few fans also defended Ash saying the actress didn't notice the minister though they stood next to each other.
Well, to be completely fair, Ash didn't make the guest list and it's not within her capacity to stop Kalmadi from attending an event.

Though the event took place on July 7, Kalyan Jewelers posted the event pictures on their Facebook page on July 15 and there were a slew of comments opposing the tainted minister's presences.

Fans were disappointed and ridiculed Kalmadi's presence. One ardent fan wished Aishwarya had taken a moral stand and objected his presence.

But then why will Aishwarya rattle somebody's cage, after all she is just representing the brand and not advocating their political stand.

After being inundated with negative comments on Facebook Kalyan Jewelers deleted all the posts except the ones praising the beautiful actress.
Kalmadi’s long incarceration as a suspect in the Commonwealth Games 2010 scandal probably eroded his support base.

While he has still not been convicted, the magnitude of the scam and the involvement of his cohorts in the Athletics Federation of India and Indian Olympic Association may stymie his sports politics career forever. 


Undeterred by corruption charges and the subsequent court cases Kalmadi often makes public appearances and braves the crowd.
When India spent crores of rupees for its 15- minute showpiece as an appetiser for the 2010 Delhi Games, the IOA was roundly criticised.

Aishwarya Rai and other Bollywood actors were part of the glamorous ceremony which depicted India and its culture.
Ash may have arrived 3 hours late in the Pune event but her popularity is such that fans swarmed every inch surrounding the store.

Hopefully, taking into consideration her fan's feeling, the actress will be more careful about sharing a platform with a scam tainted minister in future.


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