Bangla folk band Dohar to perform in Dubai on May 29

Dohar: The synonym for authentic Bangla folk music. (Supplied)

Dohar, comprising a band of boys from Kolkata, will perform in Dubai for the first time ever on Friday, May 29 at Emirates International School Auditorium, Sheikh Zayed Road, from 6:30 pm.

The group specialises in Bangla folk music and has a rich repertoire made up of strains of West Bengal, north-eastern India and Bangladesh, which include Dhamail, Baul, Bhatiali, Sari, Jhumur, Bhavayia, Chatka, Kirtan, Gombhira, Kavigan, Pala Geet, Goaalparia Lok Geet, Bihu and many other forms of music.

The lead singer Kalika Prasad Bhattacharjee is ably supported by Amit Sur, Rittik Guchait, Mrignabhi Chattopadhyay, Satyajit Sarkar, Niranjan Haldar, Rajib Das and Sudipto Chakraborty.

The band members will use up to 25 different types of acoustic and ethnic instruments live during the course of the evening, which will be a true delight for music lovers.

Dohar musicians have conducted in-depth research over the years to obtain and revive Bangla folk music, which is quintessentially the essence of Bangla music and has been part of our rich tradition for centuries and have been passed from generation to generation through oral tradition.

The musical extravaganza is being organised by a UAE-based community of expats, Bharatiya Sreehatta Sammelani (BSS) who originally hail from Bengal, to be precise the Sylhet district of pre-independent India (now in Bangladesh). The event partner is Heart and Soul Events.

Biswadeep Das, President, BSS told Emirates 24|7: "I strongly believe that preservation of one’s own culture is an inborn need in all human beings. Culture is the total way of life that people in the society are blessed with. It is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, cuisine, social habits, music and arts."

He added: "In this diverse world and age of global citizenship, our children will have to be exposed to our roots and what better way than music!"