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Betrayal, fraud: Story behind Veena Malik's quick Dubai wedding

Veena Malik with her businessman husband Assad Bashir Khattak in Dubai. (Twitter)

Newlywed Bollywood actress from Pakistan, Veena Malik allegedly ran away with money after cheating her live-in boyfriend in Mumbai.

Let’s rewind the story for you.

Veena Malik hurriedly got married to compatriot singer/model and businessman Assad Bashir Khattak in Dubai.

Due to her mother’s poor health, Veena’s nikkah was rushed and soon after the newlyweds threw a ‘private’ reception.

News about her impending wedding was doing the rounds but who takes Veena seriously?

So after several years of calling hoax and publicity stunts about finding her match, the starlet signed the Nikkahnama (court wedding in Dubai).

And this time for real.

Now the twist in the story involves Veena's Mumbai based manager Prashant Pratap Singh.

On Saturday evening Prashant Singh filed a complaint against the model after he got the news of her marriage through media.

He has registered case of fraud against her.

The manager has also claimed that he was Veena Malik's boyfriend and the two were living-in together.

As per Prashant the actress cheated him by staying in a live-in relationship for two long years and suddenly getting married to a Dubai-based business man without even informing him.

Prashant claims he had made Veena a partner in his company, Huge H Digital, but he was shocked after the wedding news.

According to him, Veena committed fraud and took away money they both earned through the entertainment company.

Prashant has been giving interviews, talking about his plight and Veena's betrayal.

The manager claimed that Veena called his mother from Dubai and threatened her.

He claimed that Veena had threatened to press molestation and rape charges against him if he doesn't take his complaint back.

Prashant Singh sent Veena congratulatory message on Twitter: "Wish you luck. Hope it lasts forever! @iVeenaMalik."

Veena laughed off the allegations laid against her.

In an interview to Geo News she says; "Prashant is an ex-employee of mine, he used to work for me... many such rumours will surface now, people will talk (about my past), but by God's grace we both are happy."

"At the moment I am extremely happy with my in-laws, my husband is my life, my partner. I don't want to talk about any rumours."

Standing beside her, husband Assad Bashir Khattak has pledged to support her and ignore her past.

Veena scoffed at the threat claims and the complaint filed against her.

On the other hand, heartbroken Prashant Pratap Singh finds solace on Twitter and other social networking sites.

Well, all we can say is 'controversy' has been Veena's pet name and it suits her best.

P.S. Considering everything about Veena till now, has been a publicity stunt we hope this time she and her ex-manager are not hand in glove.