Bigg Boss 7: Elli performs belly dance; Armaan romances

Lauren Gottlieb, Bharti Singh, Kapil’s Dadi & Palak to enter in the house

Diwali is a festival that everybody always looks forward to celebrate with their family and friends.

But owing to the stringent rules of Bigg Boss, the contestants cannot leave the confines of the house and thus they all have to be away from their dear ones  thus missing them on this  very special occasion. 

However to cheer them up and make this Diwali an interesting and memorable one for the contestants, Bharti Singh decided to give them a wakeup call in the morning.

Amidst droopy eyes and yawns, the housemates were overwhelmed to see her and gave her a warm welcome.

To everyones surprise and excitement, Bharti brought along with her a big box that was filled with gifts for all the housemates.

She told them that she brought these gifts for them on behalf of their families, but they would receive it only on one condition.

While everybody started wondering what was in store for them, Bharti told them that they will have to entertain and impress her to get their respective gifts.

Soon a marathon of performances and talent pool began that left Bharti astounded.

While Elli showcased her belly dancing skills, Armaan became a Romeo of sorts and enacted a romantic scene with Bharti.

Everyone left no stone unturned to impress Bharti, including Andy, he grabbed everybody’s attention performing gracefully on Ghagra via Agra.

Bharti later distributed all the gifts and brought a huge smile on everybody’s face. 

Bharti’s comic timing and sense of humour left everybody in splits and they thanked her for making this festival special for them.

Though the housemates could not meet their families in person, these gifts  definitely brought them closer to their loved ones this Diwali.

First Bharti Singh entered the house with gifts and sweets for all the contestants and continued to take jibes at them through funny one-liners before making an exit.

Sensing impending fireworks, two of the most-loved characters from Comedy Nights With Kapil – Dadi (Ali Asgar) and Palak (Kiku) entered the Bigg Boss house.
Dadi enters the Bigg Boss house and quickly attaches herself to the most muscular contestant, Sangram.

Together, Dadi and Palak crack a lot of jokes and give presents to the contestants that complement their on-screen personas.

They even gift Gauhar some tree leaves that she can pluck at, as she eagerly awaits Kushal’s return on the show.

Finally, the duo departs from the Bigg Boss house, creating a lasting impression on the contestants.

As the day drew to a close, the contestants got their biggest surprise for the day - a specially designed dance performance by acclaimed dancer and upcoming actress Lauren.

Dressed in a purple ghaghra and accompanied by a group of dancers, Lauren danced to ‘Aao Huzoor’ and ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’, while entertaining the contestants.
She further pulled in the contestants who joined her during the performance.

And thus another day inside the Bigg Boss house came to a close leaving behind the aura of joy-filled festivities.

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