Bigg Boss 7: Fights bring out the ugly side of Tanisha and Gauhar

Ego clashes and insults bring out the worst in the two beautiful ladies

The ‘Ticket To Finale’ task has created individualism inside the Bigg Boss house and all the housemates are showing their true colours as there can be only one winner of the reality show.

The dormant dislike between Gauhar Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee has finally exploded and the animosity they share is out in the open.

From day one the two prominent ladies of the house have evidently shared cold vibes and the situation is getting worse now.

During the toy making task Tanisha accused Gauhar of taking things lightly and acting biased.

Gauhar irked with the actress' comments retorted that she knew her duties better and needed no advice.

Tanisha was further seen making fun of Gauhar's frail health condition and mocked her repetitive fainting streak.

This was not the first time Tanisha has taken digs at Gauhar. Previously too, the actress had hinted that Gauhar attempted to flirt with Armaan. The actress along with Andy made a parody of Gauhar's medical condition and was reprimanded by host Salman Khan for being insensitive.

She even picked on the model calling her 'just a cook'.

On several occasions Tanisha was seen venting her annoyance towards Gauhar rather unceremoniously.

Gauhar is also seen raising her voice against Tanisha and asked her to stop “barking”, but Tanisha didn’t react.

Gauahar lashed out at Tanisha, and told her very rudely, “Do not guide me” when Tanisha pointed out her mistake.

Miss Khan gets extremely offended when she is criticized for her acts. To prove herself right, she can go to any extent – be it humiliating or even making personal attacks on others.

Her only goal is to constantly prove that she is always fair and unbiased.

As the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task moves on, in an attempt to find a winner, Bigg Boss announces the 'Rajneeti' (politics) task where Sangram, Tanishaa, Kamya, Andy and Ajaz are asked to be the leaders.

They are required to influence the followers - Gauhar, Kushal and Armaan who have a neutral stand and gain their support.

Tanishaa, however, refuses to participate in the task because of Gauhar and Kushal’s involvement in it.

She doesn't want any interaction with the two. Tanisha adds that it is a big deal for her to even be staying under the same roof as Kushal and Gauhar.

Last weekend the host of the show, Salman Khan, was seen trying to thaw the frosty relationship between Gauhar and Tanisha.

He tried to tell the ladies that they are dragging the fight for no reason and wanted to find out the root cause of this dislike.

Each passing episode makes it evident that the aversion the two ladies share will persist till one is eliminated from the show.

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