Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha and Armaan's perfect love story comes to an end

Tanisha seems to be besotted with Armaan

The controversial 'Bigg Boss' house is all about backbiting, confrontations and finding love in reality show (eye roll).

This year we witnessed Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon's inseparable new found "friendship" and then we see Tanisha Mukherji besotted with a much older Armaan Kohli (well, love is blind).

Tanisha's growing romance in 'Bigg Boss' doesn’t appear to be TRP driven as she is making her fondness for Armaan very evident.

She is constantly giving him massages, therapy and pacifying him every time he gets upset. Tanisha goes out of her way to support him when he loses his temper and misbehaves with the ladies of the house.

But all is not well between the two and Armaan is seen losing his patience with his only friend in the house.

The 'oh so perfect' Tanisha’s woes are never ending.

Armaan must have been tired of playing the good guy to Tanisha and is often seen snapping at her and misbehaving the same way he did with others.

The new entrant Ajaz Khan is said to be the reason of their break-up. Ajaz’s closeness with Tanisha irked Armaan.

Tanisha was annoyed with Ajaz and went to seek Armaan's help; surprisingly he dismissed her while asking Tanisha to fight her own battles.

Armaan's behaviour towards Tanisha has mostly been telecast as rude and cold. He never went out of his way to stand by Tanisha like she does.

During the Kushal-Tanisha 'push' episode too, the actress faced the music from everyone in the house, but Armaan remained silent.

Armaan's behaviour is shocking and it appeared that the actress is not his friend anymore.

Earlier Tanisha was seen trying to speak to Armaan and confronting him for making derogatory statements about her. Armaan was unapologetic and took pride in insulting the actress.

When Sangram and Armaan got into an ugly tussle Armaan turned to Tanisha for support, but this Tanisha maintained her silence.

Armaan blatantly vented his anger at the actress and blamed her for spreading negativity and siding with the other party. He chided her for not speaking up for him.

Again Tanisha tried to pacify him but got an earful in the process and was ridiculed for her attitude.

Tanisha's calm demeanor and mature behaviour is appearing to take toll on her as Armaan continues to bully her whenever a crisis strikes.

Trying to mend things between them Tanisha takes Armaan aside and tells him to behave properly with people who are nice to him.

Armaan's hot-headed natured comes into play and he brushes aside Tanisha's advise asking her to lecture someone else.

It seems Tanisha Mukerji is hanging on to Armaan on 'Bigg Boss 7', desperate for his love and attention; whereas Armaan is least bothered about this 'miss goodie two-shoes'.

Armaan continues to boss around Tanisha while she remains a pushover.

Despite all these Tanisha still stays loyal to Armaan. Will Tanisha's self-respect save her the disgrace and will she speak out against Armaan ridiculing her?

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