Bipasha prepares to set IIFA stage ablaze

Prabhudeva to train Bipasha for some peppy numbers

Bipasha Basu believes in the adage all work and no play can make you a dull girl. So the sultry actress took a break from work to travel to Cyprus and is now back, fresh and ready for more work.

“I need to take a break after a long schedule. This time I enjoyed my holidays at Cyprus. The sights there were enchanting. And I shopped to my heart’s content. Also, I am a foodie; so, a holiday means I enjoy all the delicious dishes wherever I go,” Bipasha says.

She also believes in dressing for the occasion. “With summer in full swing, I love to wear white. It’s the best color to beat the heat. At home, you will find me in shorts, but when I am holiday abroad, I
prefer knee-length dresses,” she reveals.

Now that she is back, Bipasha will soon start practicing for the IIFA Awards. This year, Bipasha will be dancing to some peppy numbers and promises to set the stage afire. “I am very happy that Prabhudeva is
taking care of training all of us this time. I am not a good dancer. I am slightly scared of falling short of his standards. His steps are brilliant and he comes up with electrifying acts. I am hoping my
dancing skills will not disappoint Prabhu,” she says.

She claims she is not sure which numbers she will be dancing to. “I know that the ‘Bipasha’ number has to be there. There could be some other happening numbers like ‘O La La’, but I haven’t been told which numbers have been included. All I can say is that the latest sizzling numbers would have been added. I am all set to the IIFA stage ablaze,” she quips.

She dispels rumors of a Cannes appearance. “One paper publishes the news of me being part of the Cannes festival and the rest just follow it. I will not be attending because I have not been invited,” she

Apparently, her Hollywood film, ‘Singularity’, will not be ready in time for the festival. Hollywood film or no, Bips claims she is a Bollywoodwali at heart, “I am just doing ‘Singularity’ because the role is excellent. Working out there was a great learning experience but I belong to the Hindi film industry. Just doing a Hollywood film does not mean that I wouldn’t belong to Bollywood any longer. If I come across a good role for a Hollywood film, I shall always love to do it. Doing international films won’t change who I am at heart. I am an Indian at heart,” is her patriotic declaration.

Is there an Indian or firang who has stolen that heart yet, we wonder. “Look, I will get married. It does not matter whether he will be short or tall or bearded or clean shaven. Let the time come and I will
update you guys. I am not dating anyone at the moment. Let me enjoy me my ‘singularity’,” she says with a laugh.

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