Bollywood Buzz: Akshay bleeds producers...

How Akshay Kumar has changed

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Akshay Kumar was always known as a producer’s actor. He has never troubled his producers and has often been repeated by many of his producers. But then Keshu Ramsay who died heartbroken recently, was not treated well by Kuamr during the last stages of his life. Kumar did work in his film Family, which was a flop and then did not do movie with him. Even if one understands that Kumar was busy, the actor has never been unprofessional and has never taken his family along for outdoor shootings etc earlier. If the family and friends had joined him, the money used to come from Akki’s pocket.

But that story too seems to have changed now. Akshay Kumar is clearly taking along his family and friends along to various shoots which included the Khatron ke Khiladi Season 4 shoot. Akshay also managed to get the producers of the show to pay for all these people as well in a manner that was unlike him earlier. Maybe with his films flopping he does not have too much money to bear their expenses. As one knows he is also being a co producer in all the films he is acting in and if a film flops he does not make money too. But is that reason enough why producers should bear his family expenditure?

Sonu’s back to acting?


Sonu Niigam is all set to revive his acting career in Bollywood. Sonu was not lucky when he made his debut in the flop multistarrer Jaani Dushman which was made more to relaunch Armaan Kohli. Sonu looked out of place in that film. Then came Kaash Aap Hamare Hote opposite Juhi Babbar. But that film too produced by Raj Babbar for his daughter, did not do well at the turnstiles as it was a below average product. And the final nail in the coffin came in the form of the pathetic film Love In Nepal resulting in Sonu’s ouster from the movies. Soon Sonu realized that he would do no good to his singing career and started picking up some good songs and then subsequently did multiple stage shows and garnered a lot of money.

Today the singer after a lot of deliberation is consulting a few friends from the film industry and wants to make a proper comeback in the movies. There is no denying the fact that he is a good actor and has a great comic sense as well. He can imitate any actor or singer, and hence is a wonderful bundle of talent. It is just that the talent needs to be utilised well.

Mori and hunk ki dori


Sometime back it was announced that Barbara Mori will make a comeback to Hindi cinema with a Ravi Agarwal movie called Fever. It was being said that the actress was being paid a bomb for the film. And one refused to believe that a flop film heroine could demand and get so much money as well. So what was it all about? As one had expected, the casting of the Spanish beauty turned out to be a hoax call and now the filmmakers say that she demanded too much money and hence she will not be cast in Fever. Now the makers are surely going in for a cheap actress who they will claim is hotter than Mori and everything is hunky dory!

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