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Saif rubbishes rumours of couple in throes of rough patch

Saif Ali Khan has rubbished the rumours that he and Kareena Kapoor going through a rough patch in their four-year old relationship because the stories said that Kareena was busy with her work and had no time for love. The couple claim that they are very much in love and call the break up rumours -  a figment of someone's imagination.

Says a source: "The news has deeply disturbed both the couple and their respective families. They have always been open about their relationship and are alarmed with these rumours planted by sources with vested interests.

"Clarifies Saif Ali Khan: "‎I would like to reassure our fans and well wishers that all is well with Kareena and me. We are working hard but we always make time for each other. All these rumours are disturbing and untrue, especially when families are brought into it in such bad taste. I wouldn't like to say anymore except we are very happy together.”  

High on item numbers

If not for her skin show and controversial statements, success has eluded Mallika Sherawat for long. But this could not make a dent in her oomph factor a bit.

Mallika began receiving more offers from Hollywood than Bollywod compared to any of her contemporaries back home. To an extent that many Bolly beauties went berserk knowing Mallika even met the President of the United States, Barack Obama!But now, better sense seems to have prevailed for this ‘Murder’ actress.

Mallika says she is very selective with her movies even though most of them have not work at the box office. And hence she is ready to be a globetrotter in search for work. “I know I am doing a very few movies and some are not working, but I am very selective. You can see how many movies I have done till now. It is not that I am only interested in doing Hollywood projects. It is their love and demand that is attracting me there. If I get good projects in Bollywood, or for that matter in any other country, I will surely do them,” says Mallika.

Sexy Sherawat’s last two item numbers, ‘Razia Phans Gayi Gundo Mein’ and ‘Shalu Ke Thumke’ which had huge bounties pumped-in, went unnoticed. But even this has not deterred the actress as she’s trying to come back with a bang with yet another hip shaking item number ‘Jalebi Bai’ in ‘Double Dhamaal’. “I was not much excited or confident with ‘Razia’ and ‘Shalu’, but ‘Jalebi Bai’ is something different. I am really confident of it being a huge hit,” adds Mallika. And for those looking at ogling Mallika Sherawat, it’s not just the item number that she’s doing in the film, instead a full fledged role. The film is ready to hit the theatres on the last Friday of this month.

Imran defends Ranbir!

Two chocolate boys from Bollywood are forming a close ‘dostana’ with the former even supporting Ranbir’s Casanova image It is very rare that two competing actors are seen as best friends. But Imran Khan who claims to have very few friends in the industry counts Ranbir Kapoor in the list of his ‘good’ friends.

“Ranbir Kapoor is a very good friend of mine. I do talk to him a lot over the phone and even meet him. He is one of those few friends of mine from the industry,” says Imran pushing aside many media reports on personal and professional enmity, if at all.

With both actors competing to be the best, there is little truth in the fact that Imran and Ranbir wouldn’t want to beat each other. But Imran backlashes at the media and says, “There is no bitterness in our relationship as the media speculates. It is not true that we detest each other. I am not at all jealous of him because I just believe in doing my job to the best of my ability. Success and failure are part of every profession and whatever is destined will surely come to me.”

Ranbir Kapoor has been linked with several of his co-stars in the past and he has earned the image of a Casanova. But such strong is the friendship between the two that Imran defends Ranbir’s acts. “Why is everyone so bothered about Ranbir’s Casanova image? Everyone is talking about how Ranbir enjoys a fling with more than one girl. But my opinion on this is totally different. Let Ranbir wine, dine and go around with a girl, it is his personal choice. No one has the right to talk about or discuss his personal life. And these are his days... ‘aaj nahi karega toh kab karega?’ (If he doesn’t do it now, then when?)” says the recently married Imran Khan.Imran is working on a project with Ranbir’s ex-fling Katrina Kaif. And the actor is all praise for this beauty.

“After watching Kat’s work in ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’, I am ready to bet my last penny that everyone who has spoken unfavourably about Katrina's acting calibre will have to change their opinion. She has proved her acting potentials in her recently released films too. Moreover, Kats is a very respected and good human being. She also has very good sense of humour, and is impressive too." he concludes.

Marriage will happen at the right time: Riteish

After hardly been noticed in ‘Housefull’ and ‘F.A.L.T.U’ Riteish Deshmukh is back with a new dose of comedy in ‘Double Dhamaal’Shivani Riteish Deshmukh has become a sequel man as he has signed on sequels of ‘Housefull’, ‘Masti’, ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’ and several others.

“When multi-starrer films are made, the decision is not yours, it is possible that I might want to work in ‘Housefull  2’ but Akshay would not want to or Sajid would not want to direct it. When  it was decided to make ‘Housefull 2’ I was just asked if I would want to be a part of it.

Making a sequel is not decision.  Hence it is true that I am just playing safe by working on sequels because sequels come with some surety of success for the film. I used to play cricket and in that play they say we should go for singles when not in form for six and fours,” says Riteish.

So he is treading on a safe path trying to bag success in whichever way it comes. He says, “I am not running away from success specially not when I have had four back-to-back flop movies. I can run away from sequels and not success. Maybe at some point I might get bored of them.”

And now with the sequel of ‘Double Dhamaal’ ready to hit the theatres are they trying to create a brand name with the series of ‘Dhamaal’. Speaking about ‘Double Dhamaal’, Riteish says, “Usually the climax of a movie marks the end of it. And the sequel begins with a new tale. But in ‘Double Dhamaal’ the audience will get to see some visuals from the prequel, ‘Dhamaal’ as we try to take the story ahead from the first part itself.  There is double humour, double entertainment, two female actors and double production too.”

Apart from movies when asked what are his plans for a wedlock? “Marriage will happen at the right time. It is possible that I might get married tomorrow or might not get married at all. But love will be the last platform where I will discuss marriage on a serious note,” says Riteish.

RGV is ready to scare all

Ram Gopal Varma has planed something else to scare the audience with his next. After getting some disappointing reviews with his last horror movies, RGV has decided to move on.

“I am really excited with my next horror flick ‘Bhhoooo’. I have kept the title ‘Bhhooo’ because it is the most utterly used sound to scare kids.

After my 'Raat', 'Bhoot' and 'Phoonk' just get ready for the mother of all of them, 'Bhhoooo', the film in the realm of ‘Bhoot 2’,” says RGV.

The director further adds, “If ‘Bhoot’ scared you, ‘Bhhoooo’ will kill you. This will be a big horror for adults.”

Speaking about sequels and remakes that Varma has made, the director has generally been unlucky to get good response. "We hope ‘Bhhoooo’ will surely scare the audience and to prove this he need not have to challenge his audience to watch it all alone in theatres."

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