Bollywood Buzz: Karisma on comeback trail...

Karisma on comeback trail

While Bebo is still going great guns and is all set to announce her marriage date after the release of Agent Vinod, sister Lolo is on the verge of making her announcement of a comeback in Bollywood in a very big way.
Lolo has been meeting various filmmakers and has read through some scripts and will make an announcement soon. While she has clearly told all filmmakers that they will not jump the gun and make an announcement in a hurry, Lolo wants to pick up a film which could certainly mark her return to Bollywood in a big way.
So will it be a great role. Or will it be a big film? We need to wait for that.
Every frog has his day

Long ago, actor turned director Kabir Sadanand made a film called Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao. Neither did the film sell many tickets, nor did it manage to sell popcorn.

And now when Kabir has floated a company called Frog Unlimited, the amphibian has jumped on to SRK’s Dreamz Unlimited and given Kabir a new break.

Kabir recently directed an ad film for Shah Rukh Khan’s cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders and now it seems that everyone wants to avail of Kabir’s services for their ad films and feature films as well. Kabir is not ready to reveal anything, but sources confirm that the script is ready and the frog is all set to croak out the names soon.
Akshaye Khanna refuses films


Akshaye Khanna has been refusing a lot of films only because he has not been able to play the leading man and not too many people are convinced that for the price that Khanna has to be paid for the film, he will not be able to justify the lead billing.
Akshaye is also regretting playing the film actor in Tees Maar Khan and hence has been refusing roles with big stars too. And that is why when Rumy Jaffrey approached him with a film subject which had him in the lead, Akshaye jumped at the offer.
The film will be produced by Nitin Manmohan under his banner and Akshaye is being paid his price as well. Whether Nitin Manmohan also pay the price for signing Akshaye, is something that remains to be seen.

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