Bollywood buzz: Kat's 40 to Deepika's 4

Katrina’s 40 to Deepika’s 4

Deepika Padukone has made a new record, not that of changing boyfriends but something that no other Bollywood actress has achieved till date. Deepika recently finished dubbing for Prakash Jha’s  multi-starrer ‘Aarakshan’ in days which can be counted on the tip of your fingers.

Praising Deepika’s work the director posted on a social networking site, ‘She finished dubbing in record time! Only 4 days.’

A bitter experience with Katrina Kaif could be the reason for Jha’s such a happy outburst in public. Katrina played the character of a strong woman politician in ‘Raajneeti’ and her role demanded a long speech in Hindi. Katrina, who cannot utter a single line in Hindi without a hitch, making her say the complete speech in Hindi proved a labouring task for the director. Prakash Jha was insistent on maintaining the originality of the film which was possible only if the dialogues were dubbed in Kat’s own accented voice.

According to sources Katrina took complete 40 days to finish the dubbing for ‘Raajneeti’, a total tiring job for Jha. And this could be the same reason why Jha is unable to contain his happiness with Deepika’s quick dubbing performance of 4 days. 

All this praise doesn’t seem to have gone off well for Katrina. Recently she stated that the scene where she was supposed to give a speech in Hindi in ‘Raajneeti’ was the most difficult scene she has done till date.

After being in the industry for almost 6 years, if Katrina still needs 40 days for dubbing then it is nothing she should be proud about. Who knows, her lack of language might take away the only opportunity where she can prove herself a good actress. Probably some lessons in Hindi would be good for starters to give her contemporaries some competition.

Bhansali goes for the Bachchans

After being refused by his protégé Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is looking at altering the ages of his lead pair and fitting the three Bachchans Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan in principal characters in his forthcoming film. Bhansali has also written a small role for Jaya Bachchan in it, hoping to do a big casting coup of sorts by getting this team together. Bhansali who is also producing a comedy with his old foe turned friend Farah Khan is also making this film into a light hearted entertainer with romance as the theme unlike his other movies which have had some kind of sadness depicted in it, close to his real life stories.

Bhansali came from a film family where his father was a failed filmmaker and his mother had to do odd tailoring and other jobs to run the family. Born in a filmi house with not much money, Bhansali’s life and cinema have revolved and evolved out of darkness and multiple colours from the garish filmi clothes around him.

But this time around, there seems to be a change in perception and Bhansali has already narrated the film to Ash. Big B is already close to Bhansali having worked with him in Black. And now Bhansali needs to nail the mother and son from the Bachchan parivaar and look at the casting he has!

Sonakshi’s getting 2 crores?

She has the best of banners, and the best of the stars wanting to work with her. She was so fat earlier that she had herself never harboured even one idea that she would be a movie star one day. She is a daughter of a yesteryear star. Two actresses share this story – Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. It is just the latter has been seeing success a lot.

Sonakshi after the success of her debut film Dabangg has more people running after her. While she has Race 2 with Saif Ali Khan and Kick with her Dabangg hero Salman Khan, she also has two films with Akshay Kumar – Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore.

The actress has also been besieged with offers from the south and those too are movies that are paying her a lot. Sonakshi is not compromising on her price as well and is demanding a bomb. It is said that she now demands Rs 2 crores to work in a movie. “I am indeed asking and of course getting a good price to work in the movies,” she agrees nonchalantly without naming the price.

For a one film success, Sonakshi surely is riding the crest, but one wonders what happens to her if her two gambles of working with Akshay Kumar do not work out. Akshay maybe working in a film like Hosuefull 2, but he surely is not an actor who can get the housefull boards on theatres himself. So is Sonakshi going to do that? Then maybe the price is justified.

Pooja Bhatt refuses Bigg Boss

After Rahul Bhatt, the makers of Bigg Boss have now asked his sister to work in the next edition of Bigg Boss and the actress has turned them down completely. Pooja Bhatt who is currently sitting on the script of her next film Jism 2 which she will produce as well as direct, has refused the offer. Pooja says that she is not keen to be dumped into a communal fish bowl out of choice. Sources close to Pooja Bhatt reveal that the actress was offered a good sum of money to be on the show, but the actress was not keen at all. “When Rahul was on Bigg Boss and he was nominated to be evicted, some channel and the production house people called her mother up and asked her and the rest of her family and friends circle to send smses to try and save Rahul from being evicted. That upset Pooja a lot and she said that she would better have her brother out of the house rather than send fake smses and try and retain him on the show. After that she was very clear that she would have nothing to do with the show,” says the source.

We are also informed that the makers had also approached Mahesh Bhatt to be on the show, but the man refused it upfront. In the meantime controversial celebrity Poonam Pandey has been offered to be a part of the next Bigg Boss show.

Arjun agrees to do Sudhir film

Sudhir Mishra who has made some heart wrenching films apart from hard hitting movies as well is now poised to combine both his favourite genres with a dose of reality. Known for his direct and sometimes indirect take on the way the government functions during times of crisis, Mishra is now readying his film on the Kargil conflict with an intense subject which is star the wooden national award winner Arjun Rampal. Ever since Arjun won the national award for the best supporting actor for the film Rock On, Sudhir Mishra has wanted to work with him. One wonders why a man who hated Bollywood stars is pitching to work with him, but it does seem that Arjun’s friend and director Prakash Jha has made some efforts in getting the role procured for the woody actor from Bollywood. Arjun has a wonderfully etched role and he has already agreed to work in the movie.

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