Bollywood buzz: Salman values love not awards

National awards don't matter for Salman


For Salman Khan, who is currently riding high on success, National Award hardly matters. “I had already got my National Award when the audience liked and appreciated my film. For me it is my fans’ love which matters more than anything else. Their love is the biggest award for me,” says Sallu.

The actor is so confident about his fan following that he claims his name is enough to pull the crowds. “It does not matter how big my name is printed on the banner or how big my image is on the poster. My fans will definitely come to watch the movie. They have complete faith that if it is my movie, it will surely be a complete entertainer,” says the confident actor.

SRK loves bold lyrics


If Bollywood movies are being more explicit then music is definitely taking a diffferent genre with wild and bold lyrics. And the Badhshah of Bollywood seems to endorse the trend.

‘Munni Badnaam’, ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ and ‘Character Dheela’ have topped the charts from day one.

“I believe that today’s music is a hit in the market because the youth is enjoying it. A creative person should go according to the flow of the audience and the lyricists are doing the same. The language has changed and we should move according to the time,” says SRK.

"Today the exposure has increased and our Indian music is being recognised on an international level. It is a subjective process and I think it is more of a personal choice. If you don’t like the music then it is your will to change to another channel, why criticise the musicians or lyricists. I personally like today’s music and the bold lyrics,” says SRK.

Kangna hotter than Mallika: Ritesh


So what if Mallika is crossing borders of late. Its Kangna who's more hotter. Or so feels Ritesh.

Currently working on ‘Double Dhamaal’ with two hotties, Kangna Ranaut and Mallika Sherawat, Ritesh says, “I find Kangna Ranaut much hotter than Mallika.”

Yet again, Ritesh will be seen hosting the IIFA awards this year.

Despite several projects in hand we wonder how he manages to spare time off his tight schedule, and straight comes the tongue in cheek reply from the actor, “I am tight only during the night and not when I am working on schedules.”

Saif Ali Khan - nawab of scheduled caste


Prakash Jha's 'Aarakshan' - based  on the reservation policy of India - is in troubled waters.

He has received a letter of objection from Schedule Caste for Saif Ali Khan’s character. “It says that if I take Saif as the Schedule Caste character then they would not allow the film to release. But I want to ask them, ‘Just because he is a Nawab, can he not portray the character of Backward Class?’,” says the director.

Meanwhile, Saif is making efforts to calm down annoyed people. “I am sure that the Schedule Caste people will really like my character a lot in ‘Aarakshan’. My performance and role will touch their hearts.”

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