‘Jism 2’ songs' not to be mellowed down

Bollywood filmmaker and former actress Pooja Bhatt has confirmed that they will not mellow down the adult content in three songs of 'Jism 2'. After all, the major attraction of 'Jism 2' for cinemagoers is the debut of adult star Sunny Leone.

Diluting the content of the raunchy numbers would defeat the purpose of making the film.

Pooja Bhatt is allegedly unhappy with the amount of fuss that has been created by the Censor Board over the songs, which they term are not suitable for television release, reports Zee News.

She was so disgruntled that she decided to release the songs that are high on the sex quotient online.

The film has three other songs that have been passed by the official moral-keepers of the nation as suitable for release on television.

The official Twitter handle of 'Jism 2' has tweeted: “Contrary to most reports, we are not toning down our songs for TV. We are only releasing on TV those songs that have no adult content. #Jism2(sic).”

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