Madhuri’s condition to PC

Priyanka Chopra is making a TV show on Madhuri Dixit’s life for American television. Madhuri’s husband Dr Shriram Nene was also a practicing medic in the USA before he shifted to India with her

But then Madhuri made it very clear about a few things to Priyanka. She was very clear that one chapter in her life will never be shown on the show. What is that chapter that Madhuri does not want mentioned and why?

Bollywood wags and fanzines have time and again told stories about how Madhuri was dating Sanjay before he was initially arrested for allegedly being connected to the Bombay Bomb Blasts. Madhuri distanced herself from Sanjay and reluctantly completed a film with him after he was released from jail.

Madhuri is very hesitant to bring up the topic of Sanjay Dutt on a personal level and has instructed Priyanka and her team to steer clear of Sanjay.

While Priyanka may oblige Madhuri, we wonder what Rajkumar Hirani will do when he is making the Dutt biopic. One of the producers of the film Vinod Chopra has directed Madhuri earlier in a film called Parinda. Will Chopra also oblige and keep Madhuri’s character away from the Dutt biopic? Then it will not be an honest and true story, no?