SRK's house - the Bollywood shoot location

Pic: Sanskriti Media and Entertainment

Shah Rukh Khan reveals how a shooting location became his home. Khan first used to live very close to where his palatial bungalow and his huge building Mannat stands now. He wanted to desperately buy off the place that used to be a shooting location.

The first time that Khan ever went to Mannat was to meet his then friend and now former wife of Saif Ali Khan - Amrita Singh.  When Shah Rukh stepped into Mannat then, Amrita was doing a mujra dance sequence with Anupam Kher. "I felt that it was always a mujra set or a villain's den," is Shah Rukh's refrain.

But the location always intrigued him. Mannat was also the same place where the climax sequence of Sunny Deol's big budget extravaganza Narsimha was shot. Govinda and David Dhawan's fun filled caper Shola aur Shabnam was also filmed there.

Bollywood folklore has it when SRK wanted to buy the bungalow he signed up a lot of films and his friends gladly gave him the full monies so he could get his dream home.

But then there were a few Bollywood stars who were upset. Reason: They had to go far to shoot now, because a great shooting location was gone.

Interestingly SRK has shot many of his commercials within his home. Some sequences of his film Fan were shot outside Mannat.

Interestingly the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai - the BMC did not give permission to Yash Raj Films and Shah Rukh Khan to shoot the interiors of his house for the film Fan as they felt that it could become a potential security threat for Khan and his family.