BIGG BOSS: Salman Khan disappoints on 'Priya Rai' front

The reality show followers who were waiting eagerly for the entry of the adult star Priya Rai in the house this week were in for yet another dispoointment. The much-awaited guest was a no-show this week as well.

However, knowing the show's penchant for throwing up constant surprises, the host Salman Khan obviously had another ace up his sleeves in the form of a mud house.

The Bigg Boss’s house occupied by the contestants is furnished with modern amenities. However, the new house that debuted on the show this week, is a tad smaller - to begin with. 

It looks like a village hut and is quite different and is obviously meant to shock not only the housemates but also the audience.

It is furnished with small beds made of sand and boasts of no electric cooker, therefore, forcing the star occupants to be up for challenges.

So far, only two of those who have been evicted from the original house have been fortunate or unfortunate enough to make an entry into the show and, therefore, the mud house.

Aashka Goradia who had recently left the original house after being nominated by the housemates has entered this secret home.

Bhojpuri singer Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirahua, who was eliminated in the first week itself, is also a resident of the hut.

Since the pair are not newsy or spicy enough to get the TRPs chugging along, a new member has been roped in. Imam Siddiqui, a stylist and casting director who boasts a ‘colourful’ personality or so Salman Khan claims, is supposed to do the needful for the TRPs.

The trio, who apparently adored their new abode, may soon be seen complaining about backaches - after spending a few hours in horizontal position on the hard clay beds.

Watch this space to know more about the two houses of Bigg Boss.



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