Bollywood bears Salman Khan's latest tantrums

It is well known that big stars or artistes come with bigger tantrums even though in public they try and appear humble and caring.

In the latest episode, Salman Khan has taken his role in 'Ek Tha Tiger' a little too literally. He has announced that no member of a film unit can call him for a shot. He will turn up on his own when he feels like it.

Filmmakers can do nothing but grin and bear with what has been termed as Salman's 'latest diktat' by Mumbai Mirror. Sallu made headlines recently for refusing to travel to Morocco for a promotional song and the producer of the film had to create the ambience and environment in Flim City studio in Mumbai.

There are several problems associated with the star's latest rule. How do filmmakers schedule his shots with other actors or actresses since Salman Khan will wait for none. What if Salman does not feel like shooting on a certain day? The unit wouldn't even know till the last moment and then there would be wasted money and wasted days.

Isn't it time that the Bollywood star realise that he is going a little too far for his own good after throwing in his 'suggestions' and 'inputs' rather strongly at the filmmakers.