Exclusive: Bipasha Basu on being Bollywood’s black magic woman

Bollywood beauty Bipasha Basu waxes eloquence on magic, playing herself and her first 3D film

Bipasha Basu is a happy actress these days. Her figure is the talk of the town and she is back with the camp that gave her, her first solo lead with ‘Jism’.

In an exclusive interview, the Bengali bombshell bares her heart to finally being back on familiar ground, her new film and the Raaz of what keeps her going today. 

You are finally back in the Bhatt camp. Does it give you a sense of déjà vu?

This is not just a production house for me, it’s a relation. The Bhatts are like family to me, and you don’t run away from family.

Maheshji had offered me quite a few movies in the course of 8-years, but things didn’t materalise the way it should have been. But like they say, destiny has its own plans.

So here we are all back and working together. Even Emraan Hashmi, who was in ‘Raaz’ will be working with us now. It feels great to be back.

How was the experience shooting in 3D?

See there are two kinds of lenses aligned while shooting in 3D. I don’t have much idea of the technical side, but there are lots of things we cannot do because we don’t have the lenses while shooting a regular film on a 3D camera.

Shooting in 3D becomes difficult especially when you are doing an emotional scene. You have to do it in many cut shots instead of doing it in one shot. And that is the hard part.

In the original you played the protagonist and now you are the antagonist. Did it come as a surprise to you?

I don’t see it like that. Because the crux of the film is Shinaya. If there is no Shinaya, there is no film.

The tag line is when desires turn evil, so in a way I am playing the lead role here too, albeit in a different shade. The film is about this girl who stands for every actor in the world. This girl can do anything to get what she wants, and in that way she is a prisoner of fame.

The film is about black magic? Do you believe in such a thing?

I haven’t seen black magic. Although I’ve seen documentaries on YouTube and some international movies, but these things do exist. It’s a dark scary zone, which is very intimidating.

Rumours has it that you are playing yourself in the film.

No I’m not.

You were going through a bad phase in life too…

Who told you?

The character relates to you?

This character Shinaya depicts all the actors. This emotion where someone reaches the top, and then fears losing it all. This is an emotion that scares every actor.

No one wants to fall down after gaining fame. So definitely I too identify myself to that. And I accept it. Some people might deny it. When I was playing the role I realised that these are the vulnerabilities of an actor. There was lot of self-realization and that has led to make me feel that I’m more of a human being and I have emotions and I could cry. So it’s not about a bad phase, but some roles make you realize. Playing Shinaya was my realisation.

Is it true that you and Esha Gupta don’t get along well?

Rubbish. I’m very fond of Esha.

You once said you are strong enough to look after yourself and don’t need a bodyguard. Comment

Strong I mean in physical sense I can kick out anyone.

Female actors don’t really work in Bollywood for long. Is that an insecurity?

Every actor is insecure, and the higher you go in fame the more insecure you become. These are a part and parcel of an actor’s life.

It’s a natural emotion and can happen to anyone in life. So you have to use your weaknesses and make them you strength. 

What do you have to say about your co-star Emraan Hashmi?

From ‘Footpath’ to ‘Razz 3’, Emraan has grown into a wonderful and effortless actor. Vikram was under pressure to make a better movie than ‘Raaz’.

I was tensed too because of my character, and Esha didn’t know what she wants to do in life. But in all that mess, Emraan who be goofing around and yet be ready to shoot, and do it right, when the time came. He is an actor of tremendous capabilities.

In the poster your eyes are bleeding. Is that a natural state?

I suffer from an allergy. Before I put on my make-up, I have to have Alegra so that my eyes don’t turn red. Akshay Khanna on the sets of ‘Race’ had nicknamed me Princess Alegra because every time I had my make-up, my eyes would get red and tears would roll out.

It’s been a decade since you have been in the industry, but you managed to stay out of the politics here. What’s the key?

I understand the business now. I was terrible when I just joined but now I understand the politics now. It’s the same politics that exists everywhere in the world. But I’m not good at it, so I stay away.

Tell us how far you would go to get something.

I think I can really push myself as a human. I have patience and tolerance so that ways I can do a lot to myself, but I wouldn’t do anything to harm anyone. I want tamper with my principles. For me, my success is when I go to bed and sleep well.

What organ would you donate if you had to.?

I would donate everything. For those unfortunate when it comes to this I think everyone should come ahead and donate.

Your most memorable moment while shooting for this film...

This is not that kind of a film where we can share that we had such as chemistry. ‘Razz 3’ for me has been a struggle every single day. I was emotionally drained and was in a hurry to get over the shooting.

The character I am playing is very dark and disturbing, and it was a constant challenge to be able to act her. It is by far the most challenging character for me. I don’t think I can get better or more evil than this.

There is a scene that had left everyone in shock. Tell us more about that.

Honestly, it was a little embarrassing as you don’t want to be vulnerable in front of so many people. You don’t want to burst out crying like a child so it was not very fun but it was just that moment where your reality comes out and you want to shut the real world out.

There was this scene where I really got scared and busted out crying. It took people a while to know that it wasn’t the character, but Bipasha who was crying. It took a while before I could collect myself and shoot again.


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