'G.One' and 'Krrish' to come together in 'Krrish 3'?

Shah Rukh Khan to do cameo for buddy Hrithik Roshan

It's a give and take relationship in Bollywood. If one star does a cameo for a fellow actor's home production, he ensures that he ropes in the producer for a brief appearance in his own film.

In fact, in the past, best friends have turned foe when a particular star failed to return the favour. Salman Khan did a guest appearence in Shah Rukh's 'Om Shanti Om' but when Salman wanted him to do a cameo for one of his films, SRK declined. The duo haven't spoken since.

Now, Shah Rukh wants to ensure that he does not make the same mistake with buddy Hrithik Roshan after all the latter made a brief but stunning appearance in Don 2. King Khan will not return the favour and play a minor part in Hrithik-starrer 'Krrish 3'.

After all, the Bollywood superheroes have to stick together.

Even though details of Shah Rukh's role in the latest Krrish series in not yet known. He could quiet likely play the role of G.One (Jeevan), the superhero character he had donned for his film RA.One and team up with 'Krrish'  in one of the climactic scenes, reveals an insider to The Times of India.

That would be a novel scene to watch for Bollywood fans.

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