Listen to Priyanka Chopra crooning here...

The single is available across all physical and digital platforms exclusively on Universal music

Priyanka Chopra is one of the best female actresses at present in Bolyywood along with rival Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan.

But guess what separates this national award winning actress from the rest - she is a singer and won't just lip-sync anymore.

This Indian actress showed off her multi-faceted side, with the launch of her international music career.

From being a Miss World to a commercially successful and a critically acclaimed Bollywood actor, Priyanka crooned to 'In My City', produced by Universal.

Her debut single 'In My City' has been released and is out for grabs.

Priyanka's song is upbeat and tailor made for the dance floor. The peppy number will make up fling your heels and shake your legs.

The actress turned singer has worked hard on her vocals and had to add accent to her voice for the international appeal.

But the fake accent doesn't play a spoil sport, but adds surprise element as she doesn't sound herself.

Indian media was all praises for the star, and why not as Priyanka becomes the first ever Indian actor to launch a musical career internationally.

The launch was also first of it's kind by an Indian; at the National Football League in the US on NFL network. A one-and-half minute version was played during Thursday night NFL.

But was the music very different, not really. The score is run-of-the-mill and nothing outstanding. The pacy music is good for dance and her husky voice has potential.

'In My City' also features famous rap artiste and Black Eyed Peas singer

With an international appeal to it, Priyanka looked sexy in the video sporting the new hair-do she flaunts these days.

The 'desi girl' has a positive vibe in the song and has the right attitude in the video.

There have been praises pouring in from all corners; from her colleagues and co-stars in the industry.

Undoubtedly PC has achieved a great feat considering it's her debut in the international circuit.

The single is available in India across all physical and digital platforms exclusively on Universal music.