Salman Khan edges Shah Rukh Khan in battle of Bollywood’s 'item boys'

After his breathtaking dance show in Dubai this weekend, Salman Khan undoubtedly bags the crown for the most sought after “item boy” in Bollywood.

And, with the second part of his epic cop drama, ‘Dabangg2’, ready for a Christmas release, we predict more takers for his quirky dance moves.

In fact, a sneak peek into ‘Dabangg2’ item song ‘Fevicol’ showcases a saucy Kareena Kapoor trying to match the killer moves of a mustached Chulbul Pandey, aka Salman.

We take a step back in time, and check out top five item boys in B-town.

Salman Khan

From the very recent ‘Pow Pow’ track in pal Ajay Devgn’s ‘Son of Sardar’ to close friend Preity Zinta’s ‘Ishq in Paris’, Salman Khan has been busy playing item boy in Bollywood.

Unlike his ‘ex-lover’ Katrina Kaif, who found her Bollywood career soaring after two, back-to-back item songs, one for ‘Tees Maar Khan’ and ‘Agneepath’, Salman isn’t looking to hike his shelf life through dancing. If anything, he’s hoping that some of his box-office luck does rub off on his friends’ movies.

While ‘Son of Sardar’ turned into a huge blockbuster, Preity’s film has been stalled due to an ill filmmaker.

In fact, Salman has also put on his dancing shoes for his brother’s home production, ‘Dabangg2’ with ‘Pandeyji Maare Seethi’. It’s already trending on social networking sites and YouTube, and there’s no questioning how successful this track will turn out.

Shah Rukh Khan

The few times that Shah Rukh has taken on dancing cameos it has been for his home production.

Whether it is for the school-romance ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’ or ‘Kaal’, the movies have benefitted from SRK’s stylish moves.

If we had to pick, it’d be SRK flaunting his ribbed abs for the “Kaal dhamaal” track in ‘Kaal’ for his best bud Karan Johar that was the most popular of the two.

“Shah Rukh is the best producer and item boy one can find. The one thing that Shah Rukh hadn't done was to flaunt his muscles. When you see him in the ‘Kaal dhamaal’ song you'll see he can be a stud if he wants to be,” Karan reportedly told the Indian media.

Unlike his “rival” Salman, SRK has stepped up as an item boy only to perk business for his own home production and not for any other movie.

Aamir Khan

And, like Shah Rukh, Aamir’s item acts remain exclusive to his production house.

Known to do it differently, Aamir’s dance track “I love you, like I hate you” for adult comedy ‘Delhi Belly’ was a fun, retro track that was a tribute to the 1980s disco era.

Aamir even claimed that he wanted to be Bollywood’s top item boy.  “I want to be the number one item boy of the industry,” Aamir had informed during the promotion of ‘Delhi Belly’.

Despite those claims, Aamir hasn’t actually acted on it, and ‘Delhi Belly’ remains his first item track.

Ranbir Kapoor

All rumours about how Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan weren’t on talking terms due to their proximity towards Katrina Kaif were quashed after Kapoor junior turned item boy for Salman’s production ‘Chillar Party’.

The ‘Tai Tai Phis’ track that saw a rustic Ranbir dancing with a bunch of kiddos was hugely popular and pegged him as a favourite item boy.

Despite this supposed, on-screen patch-up, new theories were circulated about how they refused to acknowledge each other during the movie’s premiere.

Whatever their personal equations, the dance track accentuated the success of the movie.

Hrithik Roshan

Just when item boys were in vogue, the beefy Hrithik Roshan also stepped in to do his thing.

Considering he’s known for his stunning dance moves, this transition from action hero to item boy was almost inevitable for Hrithik.

His item song for ‘Krazzy 4’, however, didn’t turn into a rage like his other movie dances.

Despite being the most talented dancer in Bollywood, his item track remains the most unpopular.

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