The face behind Bollywood's beauties

Award winning make-up artist, Marvie Ann Beck unveils secrets behind B-town's beauties

It’s hard not to drool over a good looking star. But often they belie that kind of effort that goes to make then look so stunning on the 70mm. But then Marvie Ann Beck is party to such ignorance. In the business of making ordinary faces look extra-ordinary on screen, she is the best kept secret of some of the most famous faces of the big screen.

Talking about her about her journey so far, the award-winning artiste says, “It’s been seventeen years in this field and it has been wonderful. What makes me happy today is the ability to teach others the finer tricks of make-up, beauty and hair.

With my academy, I plan to reach out to many more.

This has indeed been a very enriching and full-filling profession.”

And while the excitement of achievements is there, Marvie doesn’t deny the pressure of staying on top of the ever-demanding and ever-changing world of glamour.

“You see, make-up today is no longer for hiding scars and marks, it’s an enhancer. It has now become very tricky as cameras today are sharp enough to capture everything. And with stars taking care of their skin and health, make-up today is mainly about enhancing their good features, essentially the eyes and lips rather than covering up bad patches and scars.”  

However, insists the ace artiste, “the art of applying make-up hasn’t changed. What has changed is the technique. And we as artists get used to it by adapting to the current scenario as fast as possible.”

Not many know that Marvi started her career as an air hostess before donning the make-up artist garb. Her clientele consists of some of the big names in the industry. But prod her on starry tantrums and the lady smiles. “In fact, it’s the other way round. The bigger the star is, the easier it is to work with them. Because then they are thorough professionals. They choose us, so obviously they’ve done their homework and they know our work. I’ve worked with Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu,

Sonam Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. And all of them are very friendly.”

However insist her on choosing a favourite, and Marvie turns diplomatic, “I really cannot just choose one. There are several. And all of them are good in their own special way.”

Box item:
Marve’s work list And actresses she would like to give a make-up makeover Deepika Padukone: “She is a make-up artist’s delight. She has a perfect symmetry. Large eyes, cute nose, proportionate lips.

She can carry of any hairstyle. Also, I know her since her modeling days, she’s very dedicated and talented. I would love to give her an Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ look sonmeday” Kareena Kapoor : “She has naturally-glowing, beautiful baby skin.

I think she hardly needs make-up – all she needs is black kohl to enhance her beautiful grey-green eyes.

She is an amazing actress and a sweet person. Just to create a contrast, I would love to do a modern Japanese Geisha look with her because of her high cheek bones and strong jaw line.”

Sonam Kapoor : “She is the fashion queen of Bollywood and is known for her sense of styling and make-up. She is gifted with beautiful skin,

Bambi-kind of eyes and thick, lustrous, long hair, which gives her that Great Indian Beauty look. I would love to give her iconic
Marilyn Monroe makeover – to me, Sonam can carry off any look. She is truly a class apart!”

Malaika Arora Khan : “Malaika is a treat to work with. She has flawless skin and an impeccable choice of styling and perfectionism. I would love to give her an Egyptian Princess look with free use of gold and extended eye liner – a la Indian Cleopatra.”


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