'Arabs Got Talent' winner commits suicide after jumping to death


Dancer Hassan Rabeh, who was a Palestinian refugee to Syria, committed suicide on June 21.

The 25-year-old popular dancer plunged to his death from the seventh floor of an apartment in Hamra street in Beirut, Lebanon.

The young dancer was a member of the dance group 'Sima,' which won the reality TV talent show 'Arabs Got Talent' in 2013.

Rabeh was displaced from Syria due to the ongoing war and fled to Lebanon two years ago.

After being uprooted from his adopted home, Syria, and seeking refuge in Lebanon without any legal documentation, it is reported that Rabeh was mentally disturbed.

According to reports, the youngster committed suicide shortly after his last performance in Beirut.

Rabeh left a suicide note (of sort) on Facebook, where he called for five fundamental 'downs': down with the Daesh, down with the Assad regime, down with Israel, down with all sects and parties and down with all regimes.