Arjun Rampal buried

Guess a lot of film viewers who have seen films starring Arjun Rampal clearly want him buried for sure after tolerating his wood-en acting.

However, the news is that Arjun Rampal has been ‘buried’ by Saurabh Varma.

Jokes apart, Saurabh Varma has bought the rights of the American film Buried starring Ryan Reynolds about a guy who gets buried in a coffin after an attack by Iraqis.

The film is a gripping account spanning over 90 minutes and needs an actor who can perform well. The said actor is stuck only with a lighter and a cellphone for company and will need to perform really well.

Burt Reynolds did a fabulous job as Paul the truck driver who is caught in the said circumstance. The film is about how the hero escapes the claustrophobic death trap.

Now Varma and Rampal need to ensure that the audience does not feel that they are in a claustrophobic death trap when they are watching the film and do not exit the theatres.

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