Ashley Cole to propose to Cheryl in Dubai

The couple during happier times (File)

The Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole will propose to his estranged wife Cheryl Cole again in Dubai and hopes that Girls Around star will be his again.





Ashley Cole is reportedly pumping in millions into Dubai property in a bid to woo ex-wife Cheryl back, The Sun said earlier this month.


The Chelsea footballer became single when 'Girls Aloud' star Cheryl divorced him last year after a string of affairs.



"Dubai will always be a special place to both of them. They said it was one of their favourite holidays, especially Cheryl, who loved the fact he pulled out all the stops to make it so romantic," Now magazine reported quoting sources.

"He wants to get back to the relationship they had in the early days of their courtship and what better way to re-enact that magical time when Cheryl was absolutely besotted with him," it said.

The British footballer was quoted earlier in media that Cheryl will be "having his babies" in three years.

The footballer believes that a trip to Dubai will help him convince her as the emirate is favourite holiday destination of Cheryl.

"It’s part of his grand plan to show her he's changed and hopefully to get to the point where he can propose," media reports said.

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