Best 'father' options for Kim Kardashian's eggs...

Rundown of Kim's notable ex-boyfriends who could donate for Kim's frozen eggs

Kim Kardashian has had a busy few months, between the highly publicized divorce with Kris Humphries, spending time with beau Kanye West, taking care of her retail stores, buying a new kitten, and freezing

her eggs to preserve the Kardashian genes.

Yes, Kim Kardashian has decided to undergo fertility treatments to freeze her eggs. Apparently Kim really wants kids and is taking precautions to ensure she’ll be able to have one when the time is right.

Kardashian also said she has always wanted a family, but didn’t “take the time to find someone”.

Although she’s been married twice, and yet she did not find the right father for her babies.

She certainly seems to think Kanye may be the man for her, though, as she spoke candidly about her relationship during a recent visit to “The View” and said she believes it’s a permanent thing.

Regardless of who she ends up with, here is a rundown of Kim's notable ex-boyfriends, who could donate some sperm for better genetic specimens.

Damon Thomas. (REUTERS)

Kim was married to music producer Damon Thomas for four years. Their relationship ended in divorce in 2004, and Kim alleged he was an abusive husband.

Nick Lachey. (REUTERS)

She moved on from the divorce with Nick Lachey. They only dated for a few months, however.


Kim then dated Ray J in 2007, with whom she got into a serious relationship. It ended with a nasty break-up and a leaked intimate tape that made Kim famous.

Reggie Bush. (REUTERS)

From the end of 2007 to 2009, she dated New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush. It looked like this relationship was going to end in matrimony, they unfortunately called it quits.

Halle Berry with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. (REUTERS)

She stayed in the NFL for her next boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys wide reciever Miles Austin, but their romance was short lived. She continued dating around and hooked up with Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry - and once again, left without finding true love.

Kris Humphries. (REUTERS)

By the end of 2010 she met baseball player Kris Humphries and got married to this hunk. The wedding was much talked about and was telecast on TV. But things went awry and they got divorced within 72 days!

Now Kim is painting the town red with rapper Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian loves that Kanye West has alluded to her in many of his songs, including his most recent single ‘Clique’. It makes the reality star feel special and adored. She also feels protected because she knows that no matter what Kanye has her back even if he raps about her leaked intimate tape.

We hope this time Kim has found her one true love and if Kenya may oblige, Kim can have a very talent sperm from the rapper.

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