BIGG BOSS 6 Final Countdown: 34 days to go... what happens next?

Nominations fill the house with laughter; stretcher for Vishal

After a huge emotional outburst following a surprised visit by friends and family, there was laughter galore in the house of Bigg Boss Season 6.

Yesterday, was the day for nominations where the contestants were seen having a gala time instead of the usual tensed atmosphere as Bigg Boss announced a twist again.

This time all the contestants had to vote for the person they dislike as always. Wonder what was so different then?

Well, those whose names were not mentioned are in the danger zone and the audience will have to vote out one of them.

As per the new proceudure audience will have to vote out either Santosh Shukla, Delnaaz Paul or Sana Khan.

Meanwhile, a task ‘Pehchaan Kaun’ (Guess who) was introduced where Sapna Bhavnani read out statements and the participants had to guess who said it.

Call it a surprise or a shock, as these were comments made by the housemates during nomination.The game was only for those who recieved maximum votes which was Rajev Paul, Imam Siddiqui and Urvashi Dholakia.

Instead of getting upset with each other the guessing game ended in a positive note.

As the day came to an end, a stretcher was sent into the house. Don’t worry nobody had fallen ill. It was a prank played on Vishal Karwal who loves lying on the sun bed in the garden area.

All the contestants praised Bigg Boss’s sense of humour as Nirahua and Santosh literally carry Vishal into the boy’s room.

On the other hand love is in the air; no don’t get it wrong it is not Sana Khan and Vishal getting intimate again. This time it is Aashka and Sana getting cosy in a blanket.

The two make up with loads of kisses after a small quarrel over Sana’s rashes.

As Sana was seen scratching her leg Aashka asks her avoid doing that but Sana snaps saying that the break outs were really been bothering her.

For which Aashka did what she is known for best – cry. Sana then pacifies her and the two were finally seen kissing and cuddling up in bed.

Watch Bigg Boss Season 6 at 9pm (GMT+4) tonight to catch all the fun, drama and gossip.


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