BIGG BOSS: Salman Khan plays cupid to get divorced couple to bond

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan shows his soft side to unite divorced couple Delnaaz and Rajev Paul in 'Bigg Boss Season 6'.

The duo who got separated two years back was forced to face each other in the reality TV show.

In the unscripted show, contestants are often given tasks where they have to work in groups or in pairs. Each member has to participate and those who disobey has to bear the consequences.

Trapped with 13 other contestants Delnaaz and Rajev time and again have to work together and support each other in different tasks and challenge in the house.

During one episode when estranged wife Delnaaz couldn't take the pressure and seemed upset, Rajev showed his caring side as he tried to console her and asks for a hug.

But not letting go off the past, Delnaaz refuses to budge which agitates ex-husband.

With 70 cameras constantly prying on their activities it was unlikely to get past host Salman Khan. Salman is well aware of every emotional drama taking place in the house.

Acting as a cupid Salman plays a prank only to show how concerned the couple is about each other despite their torrid past.

Salman took opportunity when both Rajev Paul and commoner Kashif Qureshi were nominated by the other members of the house. He announced that Rajev has been voted out by the audience.

Looking very serious he asked Rajev to bid adieu to all those whom he will be leaving behind in the house including ex-wife Delnaaz. Remorse about his eviction Delnaaz finally decided to embrace her husband for probably the last time.

Salman then added his spice to the story. Sallu bhai asked Rajev to recall the moment when he wanted a hug from Delnaaz. That made everyone go in splits and Rajev had his reasons to smile as well. Delnaaz was a sport but made it clear she was not pleased.

After seeing Delnaaz’s reaction will Salman continue his pranks? Only time will decide the couple’s fate in 'Bigg Boss'.

Watch this space for more Bigg Boss gossip.

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