BIGG BOSS: Salman Khan’s naughty brigade keep show going

Dolly Bindra, Pooja Misrra, Kamaal Khan to name a few among the Bigg Boss contestants who raised the show TRP

Bigg Boss - is the mother of all reality shows and also known as the House of Scandal.

The show has lived up to its reputation of a 'scandalous house' with fights, squabbles, controversies and penalties galore.

Every season Bigg Boss, with its unique contestants, churn out similar high voltage drama.

Emirates 24|7 sheds light on those contestants who grabbed the spotlights during their stay in the house.

Imam Siddiqui:

The on-going Bigg Boss 6 saw casting director Imam Siddiqui’s stripping gimmick to grab audience eyeballs backfire.

After spending 3 days in the house and destroying mud-house property he was thrown out. Sharing the house with two other contestants – Aasha Goradia and Dinesh Lal Yadav, Imam’s mood swings and temper got him evicted.

But the makers have realised that Imam's presence may lead to more drama and boost TRP ratings.

He has re-entered the house and apologised for his behaviour. To accompany him in the mud house another controversial star entered the house - Rakhi Sawant. We wait and watch how long Imam's temper stays cool.

Rakhi Sawant:

Aptly titled the drama queen, Rakhi Sawant was the spiciest member of the house in season 1. Being motor-mouth and arrogant got her the limelight she thrives for and Bigg Boss was the perfect platform for this item girl.

While in the house, she got into arguments with then good friend Kashmira Shah. But the house is known for spoiling good friendship or making friends for life.

She also fell in love and out of love in that span of 90 days. She then went howling and expressing about her true love for Abhishek Awasthi. Talk about washing dirty linen in public well Rakhi excels as she spit venom about her family and relatives in  national television.


Kamaal Khan:

Any publicity is good publicity for Kamal Khan who is known only for his flops in regional cinema.

As a contestant in Bigg Boss Season 3, Kamal garnered high TRP ratings for the show with his bouts of anger, slang lingo and frustration. He was often seen abusing other contestants and disrespecting other members in the house.

He was thrown out of Bigg Boss after got violent and threw a bottle at a housemate which hit actress Shamita Shetty.



Dolly Bindra:

Dolly Bindra is the original firebrand. 

Loud-mouthed Dolly Bindra created havoc in the reality show with her vulgar verbal attacks on co-participants during Bigg Boss 4.

Dolly was thrown out of the show along with actor Sameer Soni after they got embroiled in a heated discussion and were on the verge of hitting each other.

While Sameer made a re-entry, Dolly was also called back on public demand to add spice to the show.

Pooja Misrra:

The most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 5, TV anchor Pooja Misrra was thrown out of the reality show.

The reason: she got into a violent argument with fellow contestant, Sid or VJ Sidharth Bhardwaj, after which the rest of the contestants demanded her out.

Misrra, who got into a heated scuffle with Sid, had been warned many times for indiscipline and aggressive behaviour before she was finally given the marching orders.

The lady who began her career by solving people’s relationship problems on television, found it difficult to deal with her own in the house.


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