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DP-Ranveer split because of Hollywood?

Deepika Padukone’s debut in Hollywood with xXx wasn’t that bad and the length of her role too was far superior than the one that Priyanka Chopra had in her debut Baywatch. Yet, Deepika has not signed any other film while Priyanka has signed two more after Baywatch and is shooting soon for them.

Deepika has been advised by her management team and her agency in the US, that she needs to spend at least six months in a year in Hollywood, so that she can socialise with the film fraternity there and convince them that she hasn’t done one film down there just for a lark.

So Deepika will now be spending a lot more time in Hollywood trying to get roles that she can be proud of. She does not want to do smaller characters in the films and hence her presence is important there. Unlike Irrfan Khan who plays powerful characters, Deepika’s agency has specified that she wants to do roles that are going to be called lead roles and she wants to be a part of the toplining cast.

With more roles written for Asians these days, Deepika is very keen to spend more time there. We wonder if that was the reason why Deepika and Ranveer split because she could not give him more time than what she has been doling out recently.