Gaga less popular than Miley, Kim Kardashian

Lady Gaga performs on the stage during a concert at the Assago Forum in Milan this December (EPA)

In what could be a damning indictment of just how far she has fallen in the popularity stakes, Lady Gaga has lost the search war to Miley Cyrus.

In what could be seen as a sign of her waning popularity, the “Pokerface” singer lost her place as the most-searched-for person online in 2010 to 18-year-old Miley Cyrus when Yahoo! revealed its results for the year.

While the BP oil spill and the World Cup were the no1 and no2, Cyrus came in at no3, while Kim Kardashian took fourth place, leaving Gaga in fifth.

Things were worse on Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, where Kardashian topped the rankings, as the top overall search, stealing the hnour from Michael Jackson, who dropped to no11.

There, Gaga only came no5, after Sandra Bullock and Tiger Woods.

Things should look up for poor Lady Gaga next year, though, particularly as she has a new album out. The 24-year-old singer will release 'Born This Way' early next year and told her fans at a concert in Poland recently that they wouldn't be disappointed with it. "I promise you, I'll never let you down. And not for nothing. The album's finished and it's really good," she said.

Whether that means she'll wrest back her crown remains to be seen.

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