Hollywood Gossip: Amal learning acting from George Clooney?

Amal Clooney has reportedly been taking acting classes so she can have a cameo in one of her husband George's films.


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The human rights lawyer is reportedly keen to make a cameo in one of husband George Clooney's movies and is taking a few lessons so she can be prepared for the job.
A source said: "George asked her ages ago if she ever wanted to give her family a thrill and do a cameo.
"[She won't just] walk into a job without doing her research. She's been taking weekly acting classes with a private coach and loving every minute of it."

And whilst Amal has no plans to make a move from law to the film industry, she is "intrigued" by the idea of taking part in a movie.
The insider added to US' OK! magazine: "She'd never change careers, but she's certainly intrigued by George's industry and thinks it could be something fun to do."
And Amal is likely not to need too many lessons as George previously admitted she was the "smart one".


Speaking at the SeriousFun Children's Network Gala, he stumbled over his words before making the admission.
In his speech, he said: "Since 1988 these camps have brought over a half a million sick kids and their families from over five... from over 50 countries, 500 countries would be too many. There aren't actually that many..." before pausing and adding, "My wife's the smart one."
Jennifer Aniston's body shame
Jennifer Aniston has admitted she "beat" herself up about the way she looked when she was younger but has since learnt to embrace her shape.


The 'Cake' star believes she took an "unnecessary" disliking to her figure when she was younger but has since learned to love her body whatever shape she's in.
She told The Huffington Post newspaper: "When I was younger, I think I took a lot for granted and would beat myself up over things that were unnecessary.
"Now it's like, whatever state I'm in, whatever shape my body's in [works for me]. I think you just have to really appreciate that this is what's beautiful, this is you!"

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Despite her globetrotting schedule, the 46-year-old actress will always find time to work out whilst on set.
She said: "I will bring a DVD of something like my friend Mandy Ingber's yoga or Cardio Barre, where I hold onto a chair and do the moves.
"I might bring [resistance] bands, which I put on my legs around my knees and do different leg exercises. Or I might find a great gym wherever I am. I am a runner, but sadly right now have a hip injury."

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Jennifer also admitted she prefers working out alone so she can "get in the zone" but doesn't mind holding classes at her home for her girlfriends.
She added: "I love the energy of a class. I have a great [home] gym with a ballet barre and will sometimes have two or three girlfriends come over and do a class, that's fun.
"But mostly, I pretty much like to be left alone, put my earphones on, and get in the zone."

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