Hollywood Gossip: Justin Timberlake ok to date Britney Spears?

Kevin Federline wanted to ask for Justin Timberlake's permission when he began dating Britney Spears.


The 37-year-old dancer wed the 'Pretty Girls' hitmaker in 2004 before separating three years later, but said he originally felt he needed Justin's blessing when they first got together, as she had previously been in a relationship with the singer from 1999 to 2002.

He revealed: "In the beginning when [Britney and I] first got together, it was awkward and I felt bad - I felt like maybe I should have called [Justin] and talked to him."


Although he admitted he didn't get in touch with the former 'N Sync star because he "didn't have his number," he insists they are on good terms nowadays as they have several mutual friends.

He said: "We're cool. Me and J are. I actually just went to his last show in Vegas and hung out with him, got to see a lot of old friends.

"My best friend is his choreographer so we have mutual friends, and I mean, we've gone out golfing, we've hung out. You get older, you grow up, and you realise that was just a time in your life. S**t happens."

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The father-of-six - who has sons Sean Preston, nine, and Jayden James, eight, with Britney - also recounted his first romantic encounter with the 'Toxic' singer, who is currently dating Charlie Ebersol.

Speak to Us Weekly magazine, he recalled: "I went out to a club, we just hit it off. It was weird. It was one of those things where, it just happened.

"I was just dancing on the dance floor and we kind of just had this chemistry...We both got very involved and interested in each other. And it just kind of took off from there."

Mila Kunis' stalker arrested

Mila Kunis' stalker has been arrested in Santa Monica, California after escaping from a psychiatric facility last weekend.


Stuart Lynn Dunn, who was convicted of stalking the 'Jupiter's Ascending' star, who has eight-month-old daughter Wyatt Kutcher with fiancé Ashton Kutcher, for the second time in January 2013, was taken into police custody today (03.06.15) following a manhunt after he escaped from the Olive Vista Behavioural Health Centre in Pomona on Saturday, according to E! News.

Mila is likely to be very relieved as Lt. Martin Rodiguez previously told the New York Daily News that the 31-year-old actress had been informed of Dunn's "unauthorised departure" from the psychiatric facility.

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The 30-year-old stalker was last arrested and convicted of stalking after being suspected of breaking into Mila's condo and waiting outside her gym for three consecutive days more than two years ago, violating an existing restraining order she obtained against him in February 2012.

He was sentenced to six months of psychiatric treatment and five years of probation, as well as being ordered to stay away from the 'Black Swan' star and her family for 10 years.


Detective John Gregozek testified at a preliminary hearing in 2012 that Mila "was scared" of Dunn and "feared for her safety."

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