Is Ranbir really dating a Mumbai girl?

Ranbir Kapoor (Getty Images)

It is always a matter of conjecture that Ranbir Kapoor manages to stay in the news whenever his films are up for release.

Ranbir who often keep complaining that his personal space is in the news all the time, never bothers to crib when many stories are being written about him around the time of release even if it happens to be about him dating someone or marrying someone.

While Ranbir did manage to clear his marriage story by saying that he wants to stay single and not marry anytime in the near future, here is the new goss. Grapevine has it that Ranbir is now dating a Mumbai girl and that he has introduced her to some of his close friends already when he was promoting his film Jagga Jasoos.

Overzealous Bollywood PRs are always trying hard to keep the films they promote or the actors they handle in the news. But times have changed and people watch movies only for the content as our Salman Khan would have also realised.