KUWTK: Khloe Kardashian wants a baby 'as soon as possible'

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian is reportedly keen to have a baby as soon as possible.

The 33-year-old beauty has been dating the Canadian basketball player since last year and she is already dreaming of starting a family with her boyfriend.

A source said: "Khloe is determined to have a natural baby with Tristan and she wants to do it ASAP. She explored a lot of medical assistance options with [ex-husband] Lamar [Odom], to have a baby and looking back she feels grateful things did not work out.

"She thinks Tristan is meant to be with her for the long haul and she is super excited to get the baby train rolling now."

However, Tristan - who became a father for the first time in December, when his ex-partner gave birth to his son - is apparently prepared to bide his time.

The sports star reportedly feels it could be a little too soon for him to become a dad again.

The insider told HollywoodLife.com: "Tristan ... is a little hesitant only because of timing.

"While he feels he will be a great father to their kids, and they both want lots of kids, Tristan feels like he just had a baby not long ago with another woman.

"He wants to put some time between his last child and starting a new family with Khlo."

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star is said to be accepting of Tristan's stance, but she doesn't wish to wait too much longer to have a baby.

The source shared: "For now, Khloe is doing her best to be patient, but she won't wait much longer.

"She has been convinced that she wants to be a mom for years and is running out of time. If she is going to make this happen naturally, she has to make it happen soon."

Kim confirms she and Kanye are trying for third baby

Kim Kardashian West has confirmed that she and her husband Kanye West are trying for a third baby.

The couple already have four-year-old daughter North and 20-monh-old son Saint and Kim has confirmed that they are actively working on adding to their family, though she didn't address recent speculation she and her spouse have hired a surrogate to carry their child.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the possibility of a third child, she said: "I hope so. There have been a lot of things said and Kanye and I have not confirmed anything. We're definitely trying. We are hoping so."

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old reality TV star also opened up about her disastrous second marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries in 2011 and how her mother Kris Jenner and the producers offered to cancel the televised wedding.

Kim said: "There was all this attention on the wedding, and I thought maybe it was just the pressure of the show giving me this anxiety. My friends told me I just had cold feet, but even the producers said, 'You don't seem happy. You don't have to go through with this.'

"The night before, my mom pulled me aside, off camera, and was like, 'This isn't it for you. Why don't you go away and I'll handle it?' I felt like, if I pulled out now, everyone's going to think I just did it for the show. Then afterwards, people were saying, 'You have to stay married for a year,' but I physically couldn't do it.

"When I made the decision [to divorce], everyone said it was made up for the show. Everyone really wanted to take me down."

Executive producer Ryan Seacrest revealed that Kim told him she was unhappy in the marriage just days after the lavish ceremony.

Photo: Instagram

He said: "I remember when Kim called me after the wedding. It was just a few days after, and she just didn't feel like it was right. She was very candid and open."

And Kim has denied claims the marriage and their split just two months later was a ratings ploy.

She said: "Think about this realistically: If it was for the show don't you think we would have found someone that signed off? Someone OK with getting married and getting divorced two months later? If it's for a show don't you think you'd want as little legal trouble as possible? This was real emotions, real feelings. People f**k up."

Khloe Kardashian - 'Kim's robbery ordeal was a wake-up call'

Khloe Kardashian says her sister Kim Kardashian West's robbery was "a huge wake-up call" for their entire family.

Kim, 36, was held up at gunpoint in her Paris hotel last October while thieves stole jewels worth millions from her and Khloe says it is one of the worst things that has ever happened to their family.

She told The Mail On Sunday's YOU magazine: "The worst thing that happened to us in the past year was Kim's robbery. But I'm also grateful that she wasn't physically hurt.

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and it was almost like God's way of saying, 'We need to teach you guys to be more aware of security' and also, 'This can all be gone in an instant so always tell one another you love them - no matter what.' The robbery was a huge wake-up call for our entire family.

I really hate it when people say, 'Oh, it was Kim's fault. She was too flashy.' I could show you hundreds of people on Instagram who show off wads of cash and diamonds."

Khloe, 33, also revealed that while she and her siblings grew up rich, they were left in dire financial straits when their father Robert Kardashian died at the age of 59 after a cancer battle.

She said: "We didn't get one dollar when he died. We got no inheritance, not his home or his cars or anything. I was working for him at the time and his company got taken away so I didn't have a job, and it was a lot to process at one time.

I don't think people realise that none of us had trust funds. I got evicted from my apartment because I couldn't pay my rent, so I moved in with Kourtney and we started Dash [a chain of boutiques] together. Financially, that was a good learning experience for a 19-year-old - to know that when you're getting a pay cheque, you can't just spend it all!"

Khloe also admitted that grief over the loss of her father led to her hair falling out.

She said: "I was 19 when my father died. It was very stressful, everyone was figuring out their grief and we were lost. I think I was in denial. A lot of my hair fell out - I think it was because I internalised my emotions.

It was hard not to have him there. I was really angry. It helped when I started talking about it, but it took me three years just to understand and accept it."