Lindsay exits rehab this week, what next?

A film about Linda Lovelace, a $1m interview, plus rumours of a reality TV show…

So what next for Lindsay Lohan? The “Mean Girls” actress is likely to break out of rehab this week, which means the partying begins again soon. Before you mail bomb the UCLA authorities at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital where she’s being held, read on to see how this turn of events came about and what happens to the wild child now:

But surely she isn’t anywhere near finished with her 90-day sentence?

Celebrity news website TMZ reports, quoting anonymous sources, that Lohan will be released from UCLA this week as doctors have now concluded that her psychiatric problems are not nearly as severe as first thought.

Apparently she isn’t bipolar nor, despite a reported addiction to the ADHD drug Adderall, are her dependency issues as severe as first thought.

So although she was released from jail on August 2, having served 14 days of her sentence, and immediately entered what was required to be a 90-day rehab programme in Los Angeles, she is looking at release any day now.

But will she be able to stay sober and clean?

Mum Dina is looking forward to seeing her troubled daughter move on with her life, but her father Michael thinks the only way his troubled daughter will get back on track is by quitting Hollywood.

He thinks she will slip back into her old habits if she goes back to work in tinseltown, insisting she must step out of the spotlight for good in order to heal.
"[Her mother] Dina says that Lindsay is coming back to New York after rehab.

The funny part is, every time Lindsay comes back to New York, she doesn't stay at the house like she should. She stays in hotels in the city, and that gets her in trouble. She [needs] a clean house to get away from all the people. She can't go to the same places she used to go to.

She can't do the same things and go out and party at night. She's gotta change her life completely..." he told Access Hollywood.

"[Lindsay might] come back [to New York] for a little while, but she'll get back out there [Los Angeles] again. She needs to get away from everything... I'd like to see Lindsay step out of Hollywood. I'd like to see her get her life back, then decide what she wants to do," he added.

Part of that will obviously include a tell-all, megabucks interview?

Indeed. Michael also claimed that Dina has set up a huge upcoming payday for their daughter.

"From what I understand, Dina set up a $1 million (Dh3.67m) interview for Lindsay when she gets out," he said. "She wanted to do that interview between jail and rehab but the judge wouldn't let her."

She’ll definitely be talking about giving inmates lessons, then?

Definitely, it’ll be good PR. TMZ reported earlier that the jailbird-turned-patient is making the most of her lockdown rehab time by mentoring young substance abusers. Lohan is "passionate" about mentoring troubled young women housed with her at UCLA, the site said.

She has reportedly been writing inspirational notes and giving pep talks to patients in her rehab unit.

And the other thing that's keeping her busy is making designs for her 6-1-2-6 fashion line.

"Lindsay's busy every day, actually, sketching," Dina said. "We're great, we're doing well."

And what else does Mommie Dearest have to say?

That it was the fans’ love that’s kept Lilo going. “She's just thankful and grateful for all of her fans,” she told a Warner Bros news site. “They have been sending her letters and cards, and Lindsay has been answering them, so we're really pleased about that.”

And LiLo also got some heavy love from the celeb sector, including Kim Kardashian, Dina said: "Yeah, she's been great. I'm friends with her mom, Kris, and they've been successful in their own right as well. We love them."

Li’l Wayne, who is serving the last few months of a one year sentence for guns and drugs charges, has also come out in support of Lindsay, saying he “should have written” to Lindsay Lohan but is glad she is now free. “Hey Lindsey [sic], glad it’s over doll,” he wrote in a recent letter.

So what might they all do now?

Michael, who has had a rocky relationship with Lindsay as of late, said he wants to bring the family together. "I'm just going to just push and push and push for family counseling," he said. “I would like to see us all in family therapy.”

That sounds ominous.

Yes, certainly. Expect a reality TV show now: “The Lohans Leave Los Angeles” or something along those lines. And then of course, there are possibilities of a book and biopic to keep her from sliding into oblivion.

And she’s got a career in adult films ahead of her, too?

Not at all. It’s a respectable film she’s making, only it’s about an adult film actress, Linda Lovelace. Inferno is due to begin shooting in November.

And contrary to rumours, director Matthew Wilder says he isn’t going to drop the pop tart. He told "Look, even if Angelina Jolie wanted the role we would still be sticking with Lindsay Lohan, I can't make myself any clearer than that.”

So it really is back to the high life. Is it really as easy as all that?

No, there’s one obstacle: the judge must approve early release, TMZ said.

Once doctors write their final report, Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, will head into court to plead with the judge. And since Judge Marsha Revel, who some feel has been too harsh on poor LiLo, is not on the case anymore, new Judge Elden Fox will probably go along with doctors’ say-so.


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