Male celebs endorse feminine products with elan

Celebrity endorsements are common nowadays. But the trend of top-class actors endorsing feminine brands such as soaps and jewelry is fast catching on.

Here is a look at the actors who have started a new trend of lending their macho and masculine support to brands and products that were at one time only endorsed by leading women of Hollywood and Bollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan: Starting this trend in the Bollywood industry was Shah Rukh Khan when he endoresed Lux soaps. He received mised reaction and has not followed up on it, though he did a series of commericals for the same product.

Amitabh Bachchan: Not to be left far behind, Big B, is another heavyweight and won several hearts when he endorsed Tanishq. Though he failed to impress his wife in the series of Tanishq commercials even after gifting her diamond jewelry. 




Nagarjuna: Big B also starred with Tollywood actor Nagarjuna for Kalyan Jewelers. Even though the ad was in Telugu, it is speculated that the store received a larger-than-usual crowd only due to the brand value of the legend himself. This disappointed several other jewelry brands as they could not afford to pay Rs2 crore (Dh1.3m) for a top brand ambassador.

R Madhavan: Once again seen trying to impress his wife by gifting her gold jewelry is R Madhavan. The ‘3 Idiots’ star has established himself in the Indian film industry. He received several brand endorsement offers. He agreed to attach his name with the Joy Alukkas brand.


Justin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake endorses the  perfume Givenchy Play for men. He also shot a commercial for a perfume that was introduced for women, where he displayed his loyalty towards Givenchy.


Brad Pitt: Recent addition to the clan of male celebs endorsing products meant for women is none other than Brad Pitt. Labeled as “the sexiest man” by Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, Pitt was highly appreciated for representing a female perfume brand Chanel 5.


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