Meghan Markle earns sunglasses company £25k

Sunglasses company Finlay & Co sold more than £25,000 worth of shades in less than 48 hours after Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle wore one of their products.

Finlay & Co's Percy shipped the huge sum's worth of glasses after the 'Suits' star was spotted wearing one of their products during her first public appearance alongside Prince Harry at the Invictus Games in Toronto earlier this week.

Co-founder David Lochhead, 32, said: "There's been an unprecedented reaction. It's blown us away. The reaction in terms of web sales and web hits around the world was like nothing we'd ever seen before."

Demand was so high to get hold of a pair of the company's sunglasses that their website crashed.

David - who set up the company with best pal Dane Butler, 33 - added to The Scottish Sun newspaper: "We've now made more than £25,000 in sales from the glasses since Monday night. It even led to our website crashing once. It's extraordinary.

"It seems to be people want to know every detail of her outfit.

"They'll find out what brand they are and then try and get that identical piece, which is what happened here."

But Meghan isn't the first royal relation to pop on a pair of Finlay & Co's shades.

Duchess Catherine's sister Pippa Middleton donned a pair of their sunglasses at the 2012 US Open tennis tournament which helped them shoot to fame.

Several other stars, including singing sensation Rihanna, model Cara Delevingne and actresses Jessica Alba and Emma Stone have also been known to wear a pair of the sunglasses.