Satyamev Jayate? Aamir in heated clash with Bollywood director

Perfectionist Aamir Khan who wishes to have everything altered to his style and liking, recently got into a heated argument with the director of his forth-coming film 'Talaash'.

Times of India reported that the meticulous star was a tad disappointed with the latter half of the movie when he decided to voice out his opinion to the Directors.

He invited the producers Riteish Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar along with director Reema Katgi over to his residence where he made the suggestions.

Aamir who had grown a moustache and also had lost a considerable amount of weight for the film believed that he had an upper hand to give the recommendations.

He added that the final edit should be made in his presence.

But director Reema grew wild refusing to reshoot some scenes which is when they got into a fierce altercation. Matters seemed worse as the Director is also wife Kiran’s ex-flatmate.

Aamir who touts to have a respectable rapport with all informed his guests that never had anyone spoken to him rudely before.

As rumors have it this film has already extended its release date from June to November, but with stubborn Aamir as the lead chances are it may be delayed further.

With 'Dhoom 3' on his plate and shooting scheduled to begin from next week, one has to wait and watch if 'Talaash' will be reedited.

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