Suri Cruise meets her cousins

Suri Cruise met her extended family for the first time last weekend as her mother Katie Holmes thinks it is important to spend time with children her own age.

Suri Cruise met her extended family for the first time last weekend.

The six-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise visited Toledo, Ohio with her mother last weekend because the actress - who split from the 'Rock of Ages' star in June after five years of marriage - wants her to spend more time with children her own age, especially her young cousins.

A source told "The purpose of Katie's trip with Suri to Ohio was to introduce Suri to all her cousins.

"As the youngest of five, Katie loved growing up in a big family, so she wants exactly the same experience for Suri.

"She worries that Suri doesn't get enough exposure to kids her own age and Katie wants her to be brought up in a similar environment to which she was raised in.

"Tom was very protective over Suri, and liked to keep her close to him, the Church of Scientology and his family all the time.

"Now he is out of the picture, Katie decided Suri should meet her eight cousins for the first time in an attempt to give her a normal childhood, away from the glitz and glamor she had become accustomed to."

While the insider admits Suri was initially reluctant to play with the other children, the group eventually got on well and the little girl can't wait to make a return visit.

The source continued: "It'll take some getting used to for Suri, because she always gets things her own way. At first, she wasn't thrilled with the idea of sharing some of her toys with her cousins when they all played together.

"But, soon enough, Suri won them all over with her bubbly personality and they can't wait to have her visit again.

"They'd only ever seen Suri in magazines and in family photos, so they felt extra special to meet a celebrity their own age."

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